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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
J.Father  ?PAccusedDiocesanIncluded in the CO A.G. report 10/22/19. It notes that "Father J." sexually abused at least one boy in NY in 1983. Faculties suspended, sent to Paracletes in NM for eval and treatment. Applied for and accepted into Pueblo CO diocese in 1985 without restrictions, part-time. Faculties removed in 3/02 after review of allegations in NY. Appears to have continued ministry in CO until 2004.New York, NYSource:
CO Attorney General Special Masters Report 10.22.19
J. MeltonSilva  ?PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the Amarillo diocese on its list 1/31/19. Worked in the diocese until 1980. Died in 1999.Amarillo, TXSource:
Diocese of Amarillo List 01.31.19
Anthony Thomas1970PConvictedCarmeliteOrdained for the Diocese of Covington, KY. Transferred in 1980 to the Diocese of Cheyenne, then in 2000 to the Diocese of Steubenville. Pled no contest in 2004 to charges of abusing a 17-year-old boy in 1982. Sentenced to 15 months to 7 years in prison. Privileges removed. Another accuser filed suit 3/05. Released from prison 7/05. Required to register as sex offender. Worked in several dioceses. On Tucson's list of abusive priests, referred to as Steubenville priest. Laicization in 2006. Registered offender in FL as of 2010. Had been living in OH. On Steubenville diocese's list 10/31/18. On Cheyenne diocese's list 6/12/19. It notes four adolescent male victims, abuse occurring 1983-88. Laicized in 2006. On Glenmary Home Missioners list 10/11/19. Worked 1976-80 on loan to the order. On Charlotte diocese's list 12/29/19. On Covington diocese's list 7/31/20. On Lexington diocese's list in 8/20. One known victim there at Lexington Catholic High in the early 1970s. On Atlanta's list.Cheyenne, WYSource:
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Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests;; Diocese of Charlotte Assignment Record 12.29.19; Diocese of Covington List 07.31.20; Diocese of Lexington List 08.17.20; Archdiocese of Atlanta List 11.05.20
James N.1968PAccusedDiocesanIn 5/02 two people separately came forward to the archdiocese with allegations that they had been sexually abused as minors by Jablonowski in the 1970s. The complaints were referred to D.A.'s office. Jablonowski was placed on leave. The D.A. did not pursue charges due to the statute of limitations. The Archdiocese had an independent investigator look into matter who substantiated the claims. Another alleged victim came forward in 9/02; again, no prosecution due to SOL. Name appeared on Archdiocese's list in 7/04. Fully restricted from ministry. Laicized 6/30/06, per personnel files released in 7/13.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 08.24.02; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 08.25.02; Milwaukee Catholic Herald 09.19.02; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Duluth News Tribune with Documents 07.03.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Joseph1976PAccusedMissionaries of the Sacred HeartFirst named publicly as accused on the San Bernardino diocese's list 10/9/18. Abuse allegedly occurred in 2014. Reported to diocese and police in 5/14. Per diocese, Jablonski was visiting and did not have faculties there. Added to the Rockford IL diocese's list in 10/20. Added to Joliet's list in 2/21, where he was a supply priest 8/11-3/19. Joliet faculties removed in 3/19.San Bernardino, CASource:
Diocese of San Bernardino list 10.09.18; Rockford Register Star 10.30.20; Chicago Sun-Times 02.19.21; Diocese of Joliet List Updated 02.22.21
Richard E. 1984PChargedDiocesanPastor of Sacred Heart parish in Goodrich. Arrested 10/31/17, charged with sexual assault of a 39-year-old paralyzed man with an intellectual disability who resided at Shapiro Developmental Center in Kankakee. A nurse reportedly walked in on Jacklin as he was performing a sex act on the resident. Lawsuit filed by the IL Office of State Guardian in 10/19.Joliet, ILSource:
Daily Journal 11.01.17; Daily Journal 11.01.17; AP via Chicago Tribune 11.03.17; Daily Journal 11.03.17; Chicago Tribune 10.31.19
James A.1948PSuedMaryknoll MissionaryAccused in 6/02 by at least three men of abusing them when they were children. Jackson worked in Hawaii 1948-92. No criminal charges filed due to age of case; there were no records of complaints in his personnel file with the Order. Admitted abuse of boys, said was due to a surgical procedure he'd had on a testicle. Reportedly abused boys for over 25 years. Treated by psychiatrist Robert Browne, who was later found to be pedophile. Died in 3/05. Protests in 2013 about scholarship offered in his name at Maryknoll High School on Honolulu. Lawsuit filed in 2018 by a man alleging repeated abuse as a boy at Sacred Heart in Makiki by Jackson 1980-81. Sixth known accuser, at least, per news.Honolulu, HISource:
Associated Press 06.17.02; Associated Press 06.20.02; Honolulu Advertiser 06.20.02; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 06.20.02; Honolulu Advertiser 04.24.03; Catholic New York 04.07.05; Hawaii News and Island Information 01.17.13; SNAP Statement 01.17.13; Hawaii News Now 02.04.16; Honolulu Civil Beat 03.15.16; Honolulu Civil Beat 04.26.16; Hawaii News Service 12.20.17; Hawaii News Now 09.10.18
Gary Allen 1971PConvictedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 9/26/16. Removed from ministry in 12/88. Laicized in 2010. Arrested in 1/17/20 in NM on charges in three separate cases of abuse in MI of a child ages 13-16 between 1/1/81 and 12/31/84, and abuse of a child under age 13 between 3/1/84 and 4/30/84. Two more accusers soon came forward leading to new charges of abuse of children between ages 13 and 15, occurring between 1/1/82 and 12/31/84. Returned to MI in 3/20 to face charges. A.G. announced on 5/21/20 that Jacobs would face trial. Pled guilty 4/22/21 to charges in 4 separate cases in Ontonagon County. Sentenced to 8-15 years in prison. Pled guilty in 5/21 to a charge in Dickinson County.Marquette, MISource:
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Philip J.1974PConvictedDiocesanRemoved from ministry in Columbus OH diocese in 1993 after reports that he had sexually abused as many as 10 children. Sent to treatment, then went to work as a priest in the Victoria diocese in Vancouver, B.C. Removed from ministry there in 2002 after news of allegations in OH. Subsequently is said to have worked in a "non-church" job in Europe. Arrested 8/10 as he disembarked from a plane in Victoria, BC upon his arrival from San Francisco. Charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, and sexual exploitation involving children under the age of 14. Found guilty at trial 2/13 of sexual touching of a boy. Sentenced 9/13 to two years' probation with a five-month conditional sentence. Ordered to register as sex offender. On Columbus diocese's list 3/1/19. Laicized.Columbus, OHSource:
Collection of Articles prior to 12.31.12; CBC News 01.08.13; Times-Colonist 01.09.13; Saanich News 02.20.13; Saanich News 02.25.13; The Province 02.25.13; Times Colonist 02.25.13; Columbus Dispatch 02.26.13; CTV 02.26.13; Times Colonist 03.07.13; Victoria News 07.17.13; Times Colonist 07.19.13; Victoria News 07.19.13; Columbus Dispatch 08.28.13; SNAP Letter to Bishop Campbell 08.28.13; Victoria News 08.29.13; Columbus Dispatch 09.04.13; Vancouver Sun 09.04.13; Lez Get Real 09.05.13; Sooke News Mirror 09.11.13; Vancouver Sun 04.15.14; Diocese of Columbus List 03.01.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
JacobsonGary 1965PSuedDiocesanSeveral complaints of abuse by Jacobson were made to the Archbishop or the Archdiocese in the 1980s and 1990s. See documents released 11/08. Three alleged victims: in 1965, the late 1970s, and 1987. A woman filed suit in 2002 in Arizona alleging abuse in Oregon. He was still working in 2002 and had recently been cautioned about behavior with children.Portland, ORSource:
The Oreganian 06.24.05; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; The Oregonian 06.06.07; Documents Released by Archdiocese 11.25.08; Final Report of Document Arbitration 11.25.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
James E.1959PSettledJesuitAccused of raping two girls and fathering sons in in 1966 and 1975. One of the women and both adult children filed suit in 2005 against the Jesuits and Jacobson in an attempt to collect past child support. A 2006 suit claimed he also raped a 16-year-old girl in another village. Order knew in 1967 of "very serious moral charges" against him. Suits settled 3/07 for $1.96M. Other claims settled 11/07 with Jesuits. Two or more pending claims shown in bankruptcy reorganization docs for Fairbanks diocese 1/25/10. Died 7/18/17. On Jesuit West Province list 12/7/18. It notes abuse 1968-70 and 1969-71, reported 2004, 2007 and 2009.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Alaskan Shepherd June-July 2003: Our Lady of the Snows Parish, Hooper Bay, Alaska: 1928-2003; Anchorage Daily News 10.14.05; Fairbanks News Miner 10.14.05; Fairbanks News Miner 10.16.05; Oregonian 11.14.05; Catholic Sentinel 11.17.05; Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 02.15.06; Anchorage Daily News 02.07.07; KHQ 02.16.07; KTUU 02.17.07; Anchorage Daily News 03.03.07; KGW (AP) 03.03.07; The Oregonian 03.06.07; KTUU 03.27.07; Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 03.29.07; United Press International 03.30.07; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; Newsweek 01.14.08; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 01.25.10; SNAP Press Reliease 03.24.14; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
John O.1953PSettledDiocesanAccused of abusing at least six girls in the 1960s St. Mary High School in Akron. Transferred after two girls reported abuse. Jacoby left the diocese and the priesthood in 1982. Five claimants settled with the diocese in 2003. In 2005 the women said that the diocese failed to satisfy the terms of the settlement that stipulated each would receive a written apology and the diocese would make a public apology. Per the diocese's list in 6/19, Jacoby is deceased.Cleveland, OHSource:
WCOO 07.20.05; Akron Beacon Journal 07.21.05; Plain Dealer Reporter 07.21.05; Diocese of Cleveland List 06.21.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
JacquesKenneth1967PSuedBenedictineAlso known as Robert Lawrence Jacques. A civil suit filed in 4/02 alleged Jacques abused a 16-year-old boy in 1968. Immediately placed on leave. Accused in a suit filed in 5/02 of abusing a second boy in 1968. Jacques was principal at a Mount Angel Abbey Prep School at the time of the alleged abuse. Three other men filed suit 11/02, claiming abuse in the late 1970s.Portland, ORSource:
The Oregonian 04.26.02; Statesman Journal 05.02.02; Sunday Oregonian 07.07.02; Statesman Journal 11.19.02; The Oregonian 11.19.02; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
JacquesRaymond 1948PAccusedDiocesanOn 1/03/14 the Diocese of St. Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Jacques, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. No information on the parish where the abuse occurred or when it occurred. Served in Sauk Centre, Morris and at St. Anne in Kimball. Died 12/4/64 while at St. Anne.St. Cloud, MNSource:
FindAGrave 12.04.64; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.31.14
David Peter1969PSettledDiocesanFormer director of seminarians for archdiocese. Jaeger approved known abuser Paul Joseph Conn for duties as archdiocesan priest. As part of 1996 or 1997 lawsuit against Conn, Jaeger himself admitted to improperly touching 8-10 boys at a CYO camp in the 1970s. In 1988 archdiocese settled with one victim. Restricted from working 1:1 with minors in 1989 and sent for treatment. Another claim settled 12/04. Voluntarily laicized 11/05. Died 07/22/14. Buried with full rites. On archdiocese's list 1/15/16. Named in suit filed 5/17/16. Settlement 3/23/21 of claims of abuse in 1979 while in residence at Sacred Heart in Seattle.Seattle, WASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16
JaimeJose  ?PSuedBenedictineNamed as abuser of one individual in a suit filed in Federal Court. Abuse allegedly occurred when Jaime was a seminarian at Mount Angel Abbey. Referred to as a former Benedictine priest.Portland, ORSource:
Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
Ignatius J. BSettledJesuitsInupiat Eskimo. In 9/06 three women filed civil suit against the diocese and Jesuits claiming abuse by Jakes in the 1980s. He died in 8/23/99. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with the Jesuits. He is referred to as a volunteer. Two or more pending claims shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks diocese 1/25/10. They refer to him as a Brother. On Jesuits West Province list 12/7/18. It notes reports in 2006, 2008 and 2009 of abuse 1975-76, 1978-82 and 1987.Fairbanks, AKSource:
KTVA (Alaska) 09.22.06; Fairbanks News-Miner 09.23.06; Juneau Empire 09.24.06; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese, page 1 01.25.10; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
Assignments: Assignment Record; Jesuits West Province List 12.07.18
JakubowskiJoseph1940PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 9/5/19. Noted to have multiple substantiated allegations against him. Died in 2005.Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph List 09.05.19
Norman R.1963PAccusedDiocesanDied in 1994. Accused in 2003 of sexually assaulting at least two students, possibly as many as six. Was guidance counselor at Holy Name Central Catholic Junior/ Senior High 1971-84. Some of the assaults were alleged to have occurred at a camp that Jalbert owned. One accuser said he attempted to tell the headmaster when abuse occurred but Jalbert was called into the room before he could tell.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 01.24.03; Telegram & Gazette 02.04.03; Telegram & Gazette 02.15.03; Telegram & Gazette 02.18.03; Telegram & Gazette 06.04.03
JamesJoseph PAccusedCarmeliteAccused of abuse of one person in 1958 per Archdiocesan Report in 2004.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04
LA Times Database 04.20.06
JamesMelvin P. 1975PAccusedDivine Word MissionariesNamed publicly as accused on the Los Angeles archdiocese's updated list 12/6/18. Allegations reported in 2015 of abuse in the 1990s.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Update 12.06.18
JanakHubert Joseph1941PAccusedDiocesanOn 1/29/12 the San Antonio Archdiocese posted a Public Notice on its website stating that it had "recently received separate accusations" of sexual abuse of minors against Janak and Fr. Michael O'Sullivan. Janak served in multiple parishes in the San Antonio AD (including some now in the Victoria Diocese). Notice said allegation was forwarded to the Bexar Co. District Att., and that Janak died 6/26/96. On the archdiocese's list 1/31/19. It notes an allegation in 2010 of abuse of a girl in the 1950s, and his death as in 1994.San Antonio, TXSource:
Announcement on Archdiocese of San Antonio Website 01.30.12; Archdiocese of San Antonio List 01.31.19
JangamJohn1980PAccusedDiocesanVisiting priest from India beginning 1997. In 2002 a girl said that Jangam had kissed and fondled her in 1999, when she was age 13. She told her parents who reported it to church. Diocese sent him back to India but did not report abuse to police since they considered it a matter of "inappropriate behavior." Diocese told parishioners Jangam returned to India to care for an ailing parent; some parishioners donated money for the trip. The girl later said the behavior included fondling her breasts and touching her genitalia. Jangam later wrote to Tulsa parishioners asking for money for an orphanage he was running in India and stating that he was still a priest. Included on the Tulsa diocese's list of credibly accused 10/2/19.Tulsa, OKSource:
Tulsa World 07.30.02; Tulsa World 07.31.02; Tulsa World 08.01.02; Dallas Morning News 08.02.02; Associated Press 08.06.02; Tulsa World 08.07.02; Tulsa World 08.14.02; Tulsa World 08.17.02; Diocese of Tulsa List 10.02.19
JankaAlbert A. 1962PAccusedJesuitNamed publicly as accused by the Jesuits Midwest Province on its list 12/17/18. Accused in a lawsuit of abuse at St. Francis Mission on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, where he worked 1969-86. Died 1/15/86. On the Rapid City diocese's list in 3/19.Rapid City, SDSource:
Midwest Province Jesuits List 12.17.18; Diocese of Rapid City List 03.21.19
Jesuits Midwest Province Assignment Record 12.21.18
Alfred L.1967PSettledDiocesanAt least one claim included in 11/02 $5M settlement involving 62 victims and 28 priests. He was shown as an active priest at that time. By 3/03 he was "recently suspended" following allegations he molested boys in the 1970s. In 1989 he was known to frequent gay bars, keep homosexual pornography in the rectory. He was preparing to go on a "gay cruise" when church officials intervened and sent him to counseling. Per the diocese's list 7/31/19, assigned to a life of prayer and penance. Died 12/05.Manchester, NHSource:
Union Leader 11.27.02; Documents from NH Attorney General Report 03.03.03; Manchester Report from NH Attorney General 03.03.03; Union Leader 03.04.03; Union Leader 12.30.05; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09; Diocese of Manchester List 07.31.19
Diocese of Manchester List 07.31.19
JanosFrancis J.C.1946PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 2/13/19. Multiple alleged victims noted. Deceased.Trenton, NJSource:
Asbury Park Press 02.18.19; Diocese of Trenton List Corrected 03.17.19
Stanley1966PSettledOFM FranciscanTaught for years at Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia. Also served as vice principal. Name appeared on Msgr. Lynn's 1994 list of extern priests who were 'guilty of sexual misconduct with minors.' Twice accused of sexual abuse of minors but order's investigation was inconclusive. Order did settle with one individual. Believed in 2012 to be living in WI.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 08.19.12; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 08.19.12
JanskyEdward John1930PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list 1/31/19. Retired in 1974. Died in 1979. Accused in 2002 of sexually abusing two children in 1957, one known to have been a girl. In a review of Jansky's file in 2013, the archdiocese discovered an allegation of child sexual abuse in 1962.San Antonio, TXSource:
Archdiocese of San Antonio List 01.31.19
Janson (Jansen)Leo1945PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 8/21/18. (Name misspelled Jansen). Died in 2006.Great Falls-Billings, MTSource:
Diocese of Great Falls-Billings List 08.21.18
JansonisAlphonse B. (Mike)1945PSettledDiocesan"Fr. Mike." Accused in a 2005 civil suit of abuse of a girl at Most Holy Redeemer, East Boston 1951-1957. Suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Attorney Durso said that almost all claims were settled. Health leave in 1977, permanent disability status in 1980. Moved in 1977 to Cape Cod, assisting on week-ends at a Pocasset parish 1977-2000. Died 5/13/00. The 8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.Boston, MASource:
JOHN DOE Nos 30 - 68 and MARY ROE Nos 6 - 8, v Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, C A 05-0006; Cape Cod Times obituary 05.15.00; BishopAccountability Letter to Dr Mary Jane Doherty, Chairperson of the Archdiocese of Boston Review Board 07.27.11; Boston Globe 07.28.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
James M.1948PSettledDiocesanAccused of sexually assaulting 36 boys over three decades, beginning in 1953. Often interacted with other abusers. Used pornography. Placed on leave in 1990, retired from active ministry in 1991, laicized in 2004. Sued in 2003. Settlement of $9M involving 37 allegations. Ordered to spend 6 months in jail for contempt of court 1/08. Charged in 7/08 with three counts of perjury. On the diocese's 7/08 list of credibly accused. Received two years probation for perjury 6/09. Personnel files released 4/30/14 show allegation of abuse of a boy while working in Hinsdale, IL, in the Joliet diocese. Living at motel in Bettendorf, IA as of 5/14. Claimed he was dying of lung cancer at age 90. Died 6/10/15.Davenport, IASource:
Quad-City Times 05.21.03; Des Moines Register 09.19.03; Quad-City Times 02.26.04; Documents produced in Wells v Janssen, 05.14.04; Des Moines Register 05.25.04; Des Moines Register (Timeline) 05.25.04; Des Moines Register 09.24.04; Quad-City Times 10.06.04; Quad-City Times 05.01.05; Quad-City Times 05.09.05; Des Moines Register 07.26.05; Sioux City Journal 09.15.06; Quad-City Times 10.04.07; Quad-City Times 11.07.07; Website: Catholic Scouters & Sexual Abuse, 11.30.07; Quad-City Times 01.09.08; The Leader 01.09.08; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Diocese of Davenport List 07.14.08; Quad-City Times 06.24.09; Anderson Advocates Timeline 04.30.14; David Rudofski Archives Page 04.30.14; Documents from Janssen's Personnel Files 04.30.14; Quad-City Times 05.02.14; Quad-City Times 06.20.15; Diocese of Joliet Updated List 12.13.19
Assignments: Assignment Record; Concise Assignment Record; Catholic Messenger 07.17.08
JaramilloLuis1976PSettledCapuchinOrdained in Colombia, South America. Began working in Los Angeles. Accused of abuse of two 1986-88, per Archdiocesan Report. Civil suit filed in 12/03. Left Archdiocese in 1988. Also accused of abuse in Baker OR diocese after leaving L.A. As part of 2007 $660M settlement with 508 plaintiffs, Archdiocese was to release personnel files. Personnel files on 25 priests, including his, to be released fall 2012 after CA Supreme Court rejected appeal by the priests. Named in one civil suit filed in 9/14 against the Baker diocese. Suit alleged abuse of a youth 1988-89 while Jaramillo worked at Our Lady of Angels Parish in Hermiston, OR. Sent for treatment then returned to Mexico because he was not responding to treatment. Worked in Argentina, Philippines, and Mexico after that.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; LA Daily News 10.12.12; KVEW 09.04.14; Oregonian 09.04.14; SNAP Statement 09.04.14; Catholic Sentinel 09.05.14; Hermiston Herald 09.06.14; SNAP Statement 09.10.14
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 04.20.06
Florian A1957PSuedDiocesanFirst revealed on diocesan list 3/20/18 as removed, retired, or having left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Died in 1983; diocesan list includes deceased priests only if they have more than one allegation. Accused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 of sexually abusing a child, age 8-9, in 1982-83. The child was involved in activities at St. Stanislaus.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18; Buffalo News 08.14.19; Niagara Gazette 08.19.19
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
Gerald C.1968PConvictedDiocesanArrested 6/7/86, charged with sexually assaulting two boys, ages 15 and 18, at a cabin. Charges included sodomy, sexual abuse, and unlawful dealing with a child. Pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of first-degree attempted sexual abuse in 8/86; sentenced in 12/86 to five years probation. Laicized 1988. Included on 3/20/18 diocesan list. Accused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 of "unpermitted sexual contact" with a St. John Gualbert in Cheektowaga altar boy, ages 11-14, in 1972-75. A 12/19 lawsuit claimed sexual assault, rape and battery of a boy at St. John's rectory in Sinclairville on 5/17/69. Living in VA in 2019.Buffalo, NYSource:
United Press Internation 06.07.86; Associated Press 06.08.86; Buffalo News 03.13.18; WIVB 03.13.18; Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 06.20.18; Buffalo News 05.19.19; Buffalo News 08.14.19; Post Journal 12.23.19; Buffalo News 12.27.19; Buffalo News 03.13.20
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
JayawardenePantaleone  ?PAccusedDiocesanFrom Chilaw diocese in Sri Lanka. Lived in the Pacific Northwest in the 1990s. Name included on the Archdiocese of Seattle's 1/15/16 list of clergy and religious with established, admitted or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Seattle, WASource:
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16; The Daily World 01.18.16
Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16
JayawardeneTilak A.1972PIndictedDiocesanExtern priest from Sri Lanka working in Archdiocese beginning in 1987. Indicted in 1991 for alleged abuse in 1990. Fled to Sri Lanka in 1990 or 1991 before police could arrest him. Still a fugitive as of 2012.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Times 08.18.02; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Chicago Tribune 03.11.12
LA Times Database 04.20.06
JeanRaymond J.1957PSettledDiocesanArrested in 1988 during crackdown on homosexual activity at a local state park. Accused in a 1993 civil suit of molestation 1971-72. Diocese's motion for summary judgment granted in part and dismissed in part in 1996. A second suit was filed in 1999. Jean died in 6/01, just before scheduled trial in that case. A third suit was filedin early 2003. One settlement for $275K.Norwich, CTSource:
Boston Globe 06.27.93; Connecticut Law Tribune 07.29.96; Associated Press 02.23.99; Hartford Courant 06.09.01; NY Times 03.24.02; Norwich Bulletin 05.09.02; The Day 02.01.03; The Day 05.13.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
Robert A.1954PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly by archdiocese in 2018 as credibly accused. Ordained for Trappist order in MA, became NY priest 1964. Pastor of St. Augustine in the Bronx for 25 years. Bronx Lebanon Hospital chaplain. Retired in 2007. On archdiocese's list 4/26/19. Canonical process pending.New York, NYSource:
New York Post 10.13.18; Staten Island Advance 10.13.18; CRS website 10.31.18; Archdiocese of New York List 04.26.19
JeffreyC. James1959PAccusedDiocesanOrdained for the Diocese of Fargo, ND. On loan to Diocese of Brownsville, where his faculties were removed in 1988 and he was returned to Fargo. Died 5/28/17. Named publicly as accused by the Brownsville diocese on its list 1/31/19. Included on the Fargo diocese's list 1/2/20. Allegations substantiated.Brownsville, TXSource:
Diocese of Brownsville List 01.31.19; Diocese of Fargo List 01.02.20
JendrysikMark1985PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list updated 12/8/18. It notes he was permanently removed from ministry in 2018. Admitted to "having sexual contact" with a teen girl over 35 years prior, when he was a seminarian.Joliet, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 12.10.18; Diocese of Joliet List Updated 12.08.19
JeneAlex1942PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 1/2/20. Allegations substantiated. Died in 1971.Fargo, NDSource:
Diocese of Fargo List 01.02.20
John Joseph1970PSuedDiocesanAuxiliary bishop of New York beginning 2014. Assigned to Our Lady of Refuge in the Bronx since 1978. Removed from public ministry in 10/18 after the Lay Review Board deemed "credible and substantiated" allegations that Jenik sexually abused a teenage boy for 5 or 6 years, beginning in 1978. His accuser first came forward in 1/18. He said Jenik would ply him with alcohol and abuse him during overnight stays in the rectory, and at a country home in Tivoli. Jenik denied the allegations. Vatican to investigate. On archdiocese's list 4/26/19. Canonical process pending. Vatican announced in 10/19 that the pope had accepted Jenik's resignation. Accused in an 8/20 lawsuit of trafficking a 14-year-old boy to convicted child molester, Paul Gruber, at the parish school, in the 1980s. The suit claimed Jenik was also abusing children at the time.New York, NYSource:
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JennessJoseph Roy1956PSettledDiocesanFour brothers filed a civil suit in 12/03 alleging abuse by Jenness and four other priests 1967-83. One of the brothers says he was abused by Jenness and three of the other four priests. Jenness allegedly would share him with the other priests at a camp. Separate suit filed in 8/03. One person settled claims against Jenness as part of a 2004 $7.5M settlement reached between 45 claimants and the Diocese. Also named in a 12/04 civil suit. Deceased. Three claims settled in 11/08 as part of a $4.5M settlement.Springfield, MASource:
The Republican 12.13.03; The Republican 08.03.04; The Republican 08.17.04; The Republican 12.30.04; iobserve 01.07.05; The Republican 12.02.06; The Republican 07.30.08; The Republican 12.02.08; Press Release by The Office of Stobierski & Stobierski, 12.03.08
JensenLarry1988PSettledDiocesanMaronite Rite priest. Accused in a 9/18 lawsuit of the sex abuse of a youth in the early 2000s at St. Anthony Maronite Catholic Church in Danbury. Spiritual director of the diocese's Emmaus retreat program for youth in Danbury. Assigned to St. Anthony's for eight years, then assigned to St. Joseph's Maronite Catholic Church in Waterville, ME. He was reportedly removed from the priesthood in 2017 after the allegation surfaced and the Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn, NY deemed it substantiated. Diocese settled for $3.55m with five men claiming abuse as children by three priests, including one who accused Jensen.Bridgeport, CTSource:
Danbury Patch 08.24.18; Connecticut Post 09.22.18; Hartford Courant 10.03.18; Connecticut Post 03.20.19
JerchaJulian1950PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused on Gary diocese list released 8/27/18. Noted to have three allegations against him. Died 6/27/87.Gary, INSource:
Post-Tribune 08.29.18; Diocese of Gary List 09.25.18
Diocese of Gary Assignments
JergeJoseph W.1951PAccusedDiocesanName included on Erie diocese's list 4/6/18. Report to diocese early 1989 of allegations of sex abuse of young boys. Sent to St. Luke's in MD 4/89 for treatment. Returned to restricted ministry 11/89. Concerns to diocese in 4/01 by a Fr. Fischer about Jerge's contact with young boys. Moved to another parish 6/91. Removed 9/92 after another complaint, about his grooming behavior with a boy. Sent to priests' retirement facility. Died 4/17/06.Erie, PASource:
Erie Times-News Obituary 04.19.06; DIocese of Erie 04.06.18; GoErie 04.06.18; Bradford Era 04.07.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Vincent BSettledFMS (The Marist Brothrs)Associated with Marist Brothers' High School and Roselle Catholic High School. Taught in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Japan. Last known to be living in 2008 at Marist Retirement Residence in Miami, FL. In 4/12 Attorney Mitchell Garabedian announced a recent settlement of at least one claim involving Jerome.Newark, NJSource:
Garabedian List via BishopAccountability 04.11.12
JeselnickStephen E. 1977PAccusedDiocesanName included on the Erie diocese's list 4/6/18. Included in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Jeselnick was accused in 2017, along with a former seminarian, Jack Tome, of sexually abusing of 3 boys, who were brothers, in the late 1970s in Meadeville PA. Jeselnick strongly denied the allegations and said he had never heard of Tome. Transferred to Denver archdiocese beginning 12/82. Became Air Force chaplain 1985. In 1991 a man told the diocese that Jeselnick sexually abused him when he was a vulnerable 20-year-old whose father was dying. The man sued and received a settlement in 2005. Jeselnick was reported in 2018 to be living in Colorado Springs and forbidden to function as a priest. Added 9/18 to Baltimore list. "Father D" in CO A.G. report 10/22/19.Erie, PASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
Kenneth A.1984PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from assignment in 4/02 after allegation of past inappropriate behavior. Assigned to Holy Name of Mary Church in Croton-on-Hudson at the time of his removal. Laicized in 2005. On archdiocese's list 4/26/19.New York, NYSource:
Journal News 04.07.02; Journal News 04.08.02; Journal News 04.09.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Journal News 07.09.05; Newsday 07.09.05; The Heights 02.15.10; CBS New York 09.29.13; Journal News 09.30.13; SNAP Press Release 10.01.13; Archdiocese of New York List 04.26.19
Assignments: Summary of Directory Entries
JetteDonat M.1918PAccusedDiocesanA man informed the Diocese 4/02 that he had been abused by Jette in the early 1960s, when he went to confession after having been abused by Fr. Donald Petraitis. Bishop Hart did not report the abuse to Child Protective Services until at least one month later. Jette was deceased by the time the complaint was made. Not included on the diocese's list 2/22/19.Norwich, CTSource:
The Day 05.08.02; Telegram & Gazette 05.21.02; The Day 02.11.19; Diocese of Norwich List 02.22.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
Richard H.1966PSettledDiocesanAccused in early 1990s by woman of abusing her when she was 15. He was already under investigation by Archdiocese for problems with adult women. Evaluated and treated. Not actively ministering as of 7/92. Civil suit filed 1992. She turned down $125K settlement. Jury found that he had not abused her. Returned to active status until 2002 when he was permanently removed. Another woman settled with Jeub and Archdiocese over 1969 abuse when she was minor. Name included in Addendum to Duluth 12/31/13 list. Laicization announced 11/29/17.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Joseph Palanivel1982PConvictedDiocesanFrom India. In Crookston diocese 2004. Diocese knew rumors by 8/04. Abruptly returned to India 9/05; given job by bishop overseeing schools. In 2006, girl told diocese he abused her many times 2004-05, age 14, including rape and forced oral sex. Per diocese, allegations credible. She sued 7/09; settled 9/11 for $750K. Another girl said he sexually assaulted her on her 16th birthday, 2005. Sued; settled. Vatican recommended laicization; Bishop in India refused. Suspended from ministry in India 2010. Arrested 3/12 on Interpol warrant. Extradited to US 11/14 to face charges in both cases. Pled guilty 5/15 to the 2005 sex assault of 16-year-old girl; sentenced to 1 year; freed due to time served. No conviction in other case due to plea deal. Deported to India. Bishop Arulappan Amalraj in Ootacamund, India lifted suspension 1/16, citing consultation with Vatican's CDF. MN victim filed fed suit 4/19/16 vs India diocese. She won 10/16. As part of terms, diocese removed him.Crookston, MNSource:
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Jeyapaul Timeline with Documents 04.05.10
JeziorskiLouis1931PAccusedDiocesanFirst named publicly as accused by Gary diocese on list released 8/27/18. Noted to have three allegations against him. Died 4/6/73.Gary, INSource:
Diocese of Gary 08.27.18; Post-Tribune 08.29.18
Xiu Hui (Joseph)2010PSuedDiocesanFrom China. Charged 6/12 with fondling teen girl & victim tampering. Removed. Girl's family filed suit 7/13 v archd & archbp. Per suit, Jiang left family $20K check after admitting abuse & Archbp Carlson attempted evidence tampering. Charges dropped 11/21/13. Jiang arrested 4/17/14, charged with sodomy of boy at Cathedral school in 2011 & 2012. Pled not guilty 6/2/14. Charges dropped 6/15. Jiang sued police, city, boy's parents & SNAP for defamation and conspiracy to deprive him of civil rights due to race & religion. Judge sanctioned SNAP 8/16 for resisting discovery order, ordered them to pay priest's legal fees. Re 7/13 suit, jury ruled in favor of archd and Jiang 4/17. Jiang was to undergo "process for return to active ministry." Alleged victim requested new trial 5/17; denied. Judge ordered her to pay archd and Jiang's legal expenses. Lawsuit v SNAP settled 11/17. Assigned 5/18 to St. Gabriel's. Rescinded after parents of parish school objected. Was to remain at Cathedral.St. Louis, MOSource:
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Edgardo Arrunataegui1983PAccusedDiocesanOrdained in Peru. Worked in Honduras for a time, arrived in Orange Diocese in 1987. Left to perform "missionary work" in Peru early 1990s. First public identification 1/04. Diocese dealt with the allegations "years ago" but didn't tell police until 2004. As of 2009 he was found to be working as priest in Madrid but still listed as part of Diocese of Chimbote in Peru. Found in 2017 by news team, working as a hospital chaplain for the diocese in Chimbote. Since leaving Orange in early 1990s had "bounced around the world" using different versions of his name (e.g. Horacio Jimenez, Edgardo Arrunategui, etc.) Chimbote bishop said the 2017 news story was false, and Orange diocese list was irrelevant.Orange, CASource:
Diocese of Orange News Release 01.10.04; LA Times 01.11.04; OC Register 01.13.04; OC Weekly 03.04.05; OC Weekly 03.18.09; LA Taco 01.05.18
OC Weekly 3.04.05
JimenezManuel SAccusedDiocesanSeminarian. Named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 1/2/19. Report of abuse 1994 reported to the diocese in 1999.Monterey, CASource:
Diocese of Monterey list 01.02.19; KSBW 01.02.19
JimenezWilliam1953PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list 1/31/19. Removed from ministry in 1959.Galveston-Houston, TXSource:
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston List 01.31.19
Jimenez-PelayoEmmanuel PAccusedSalesianAccused of abuse of 1 person in 1975 per 2004 archdiocesan report.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04
JoachimSister NSuedSisters of St. FrancisSisters of St. Francis of the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin. Accused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 of sexually abusing a girl at the The Mission of the Immaculate Virgin at Mount Loretto orphanage. The girl was a resident of the orphanage. She also alleged sexual abuse by Sisters Helen, Georgine and Rev. Edmund Fogarty.New York, NYSource:
SI Live 08.15.19
JoanSister NSuedUrsulineAllegations of abuse by Sister Joan at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation are included in 9/11 civil suit against Helena Diocese and Ursuline Order filed by 45 people against 4 nuns, 6 priests and 1 brother.Helena, MTSource:
The Missoulian 09.27.11
Joan MarieSister NSuedDominican SistersAccused in a suit filed 4/12/11 of groping and fondling a first grade boy during the 1978-79 school year at St. James Catholic School in North Miami. The abuse allegedly occurred under the guise of tucking in the boy's shirt. Defendants are Archdiocese of Miami, the archbishop, the Dominican Sisters, and the school.Miami, FLSource:
Orlando Sentinel 04.13.11; Sun Sentinel 04.13.11; WSVN 04.14.11
Thomas1970PSettledDiocesanAccused in 1983 of abuse in the early 1970s at St. John Vianney in Northlake. At least one claim was included in a 10/05 settlement by the Archdiocese with 24 accusers claiming abuse by 14 priests. Laicized in 6/10. Sentenced in 7/11 to one year in jail and to pay restitution and fine after pleading guilty to theft of thousands of dollars from then-current employer, Lake County Health Dept. Personnel File released 01/21/14.Chicago, ILSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Harold1930PSuedFranciscanA man filed a civil suit in 6/04 alleging abuse 1974- 78 by Jochem and another Fanciscan friar, Jeffrey Salwach, at St. Jude's in New Lenox. Per the suit, the two priests forced the boy to engage in group sex, smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. Jochem is reportedly deceased.Joliet, ILSource:
Daily Southtown 06.17.04
Robert J.1958PAccusedJesuitCampion Jesuit High School teacher in Prairie du Chien WI 1952-55, prior to ordination. Marquette University faculty member for 50 years. Named publicly as accused by the Jesuits Midwest Province on its list 12/17/18. It notes a single allegation of abuse, occurring while assigned to Marquette University in 1970. Permanently removed from public ministry. Known in 2016 to be living in a Milwaukee retirement community.Milwaukee, WISource:
Campion Forever News 01.01.16; Jesuits Midwest Province List 12.17.18
Jesuits Midwest Province Assignment Record 12.21.18
William I.1957PSuedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 12/87 after allegation he had mismanaged parish funds. Pled guilty in 1981 to embezzling $264K from his parish; sentenced to 1 year in prison and 5 years probation. Reassigned in 1992 to a parish; placed on leave again in 1993 after abuse complaint. Another complaint received in 2002 and two more received in 2004. Three more by 2005. Dates ranged 1969-83. Suit filed in 2/06. "Removed from priesthood" in 8/93 but still in 2002 Catholic Directory. Lived in FL 2006. On diocese's list 11/14/18. Noted to have died in 4/08.Rockford, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 10.30.91; Chicago Tribune 01.14.92; Chicago Sun Times 09.12.93; Chicago Daily Herald 07.01.04; Rockford Register Star 07.01.04; WIRF 02.18.05; Chicago Daily Herald 02.19.05; Chicago Daily Herald 02.10.06; Chicago Sun Times (AP) 02.10.06; Chicago Tribune 02.10.06; Rockford Register Star 02.10.06; Diocese of Rockford List 11.14.18
JohnBrother BSettledAugustinianA civil suit filed the against Order settled for $100K in 10/11. It alleged abuse of a youth by a Brother John and by Fr. Alfred Murphy between 1966-1968 at St. Mary Parish.Boston, MASource:
Eagle Tribune 10.29.11
John, OSUSister NAccusedUrsulineAccused of abuse of two in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against 4 nuns, 6 priests and 1 brother. On the Helena diocese's list 4/29/15. Worked at some point at St. Ignatius Mission between 1940 and 1975.Helena, MTSource:
The Missoulian 09.27.11; John Does 1-16 et al v Ursuline Sisters, Diocese of Helena, et al, Cause No ADV-2011-936, Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis & Clark County, 10.03.11; The Missoulian 01.31.14; Diocese of Helena List 04.29.15
John, SDSSister NSuedSisters of the Divine SaviorSr. John was one of several religious accused in a 2010 civil suit against the diocese, Oblates and Sisters of the Divine Savior which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD. In the suit she and several others were accused of abusing a girl in the 1960s when she was between the ages of 5 and 13.Sioux Falls, SDSource:
MWD et al v Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls et al Minnehaha County Circuit Court 07.30.10; Argus Leader 08.06.10; Sioux City Journal 08.06.10
JohnsonAnthony WIlliam1962PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the Camden diocese on its list 2/13/19. Left the diocese in 1967. On the Charleston diocese's list 3/29/19. Noted to be a visiting priest in Charleston from Camden. Died 3/1/12.Camden, NJSource:
Diocese of Camden List 02.13.19; Diocese of Charleston List 03.29.19
David (Dave) E.1984PSuedOFM FranciscanAccused of abuse of two minors 1978-79 at St. Anthony Seminary and another location, per archdiocesan report. Civil suit filed 2003. Settled 8/06. Three new suits filed Fall 2009 alleged that Johnson and Philip Wolfe abused three others when they were students at St. Anthony's beginning in 1979. Personnel file released 5/12. Believe he was laicized 2/2001 per personnel file. Name included on Seattle archdiocese's list 1/15/16. Worked at St. George in Seattle 1986-88. On the Franciscans' Santa Barbara Province list 5/31/19. It notes reports 1993, 2006, 2007 and 2009 of abuse of minors 1978-82, and that he left the order 2001. On Oakland diocese's list in 2019.Los Angeles, CASource:
John Roe 4 vs Does, Cause No 1156450, Superior Court of California; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Santa Barbara News-Press 09.27.04; Santa Barbara Independent 08.10.06; Ernesto C v Franciscans, Cause No 1337577, Santa Barbara Co Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v Franciscans, Cause No 1338070, Santa Barbara Co Superior Court 11.03.09; Santa Barbara Independent 11.25.09; Redacted v Franciscans, Cause No 1338630, Santa Barbara Co Superior Court 12.11.09; KEYT 03.23.10; Opinion in John Doe 1 et al v Franciscan Friars of California, Inc 09.30.10; Metropolitan News Enterprise 10.02.10; CBS Los Angeles 05.23.12; New York Times 05.23.12; Personnel file posted on BishopAccountability 05.23.12; San Antonio Express-News 05.23.12; Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16; Santa Barbara Province Franciscans List 05.31.19; Diocese of Oakland List 06.01.19
LA Times Database 04.20.06; Santa Barbara Province Franciscans List 05.31.19
JohnsonEarl BSettledCapuchinAccused in a 6/08 civil suit of abusing a boy at St. Elizabeth's in Kansas City for three years during the 1970s. Per the suit, on one occasion a priest closed a door to the room where the abuse was going on. Johnson left the order at some point and in 2008 was possibly working in Kansas City as a public elementary school teacher. Claim settled in 8/08 as part of $10M settlement involvning 12 priests. Included on the diocese's 9/5/19 list.Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
Kansas City Star 06.13.08; KCUR 06.13.08; Kansas City Star 06.19.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; The Pitch 10.09.08; Dioceses of Kansas City-St Joseph List 09.05.19
Harold Joseph1949PSettledDiocesanA man wrote to Cardinal Law on 3/12/92 alleging that Johnson sexually abused him as a teenager. After that first assignment at Sacred Heart in Weymouth 1949-57, Johnson was sent as a 'lend-lease' priest 1957-59 to St Patrick's in Charlotte, then in the Raleigh NC diocese, now in the Charlotte diocese. Boston put Johnson on sick leave in 1992 and sent him to St Luke Institute. Johnson admitted reoffending as recently as about 1988. Boston settled with the survivor, who surmised there were other victims, for $40K in 1992. Johnson was retired in 1993 but allowed to say Mass in parishes. File released 12/19/02. Included in 3/5/03 Boston Globe list of 48 Boston priests dropped from 2003 Directory after abuse allegations. On Boston archdiocese list 8/25/11, noting Johnson was directed in 2004 to live a life of prayer and penance. Died 12/22/09. Added to Raleigh and Charlotte diocese's lists in 2/20.Boston, MASource:
Letter by Johnson to Riley 02.28.57; Letter by Riley to Johnson 03.04.57; Letter by Cushing to Johnson 10.09.59; Letter by Survivor to Law 03.12.92; Letter by Law to Johnson 06.05.92; Letter by Johnson to Survivor 06.08.92; Letter by Survivor to McCormack 06.30.92; Letter by McCormack to Survivor 07.17.92; Letter by Johnson to McCormack 08.05.92; Memo by McCormack 08.10.92; Settlement Release 08.28.92; Emails by Bishop Murphy and Murphy 05.20.98; Boston Herald 12.20.02; Boston Globe 01.10.03; Boston Globe 03.05.03; Boston Globe 12.27.09; List of Boston Archdiocese 08.25.11; WFAE 02.05.20; Diocese of Raleigh List updated 02.07.20; Diocese of Charlotte List 02.28.20; Diocese of Charlotte List updated 02.28.20; WFAE 03.02.20
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record 08.14.15
Richard E.1960PSettledDiocesanPlaced on leave 5/06 after allegations he abused an altar boy for several years in the 1980s. Diocese investigated, verified allegations and placed Johnson on permanent leave 6/06. Diocese admitted it knew of an allegation in 2001 but kept Johnson in ministry. Civil suit filed 5/07 by three men claiming Johnson abused them at various times between 1963 and 1984. One plaintiff withdrew but a fourth man joined the suit. All claims settled 9/09. Laicization requested. Death announced 9/13/16. On diocese's list 1/31/19.Dallas, TXSource:
Dallas Morning News 05.21.06; WFFA 06.06.06; The Eagle (AP) 06.07.06; Dallas Morning News 07.14.06; Dallas Morning News 05.16.07; WFAA 07.13.07; WFAA TV 10.02.09; Dallas Morning News 10.03.09; Texas Catholic 10.04.09; Dallas Morning News 09.13.16; Diocese of Dallas List 01.31.19
Diocese of Dallas Priest Details
Richard G.1947PAccusedDiocesan'Retired"' from Boston in 1997. At 80, he was working part-time for the Palm Beach Diocese in 2003 when he was placed on leave after the diocese learned that he had been accused of 'relationships' with teenage girls as early as the 1950s. Cardinal Law certified in 1998 that Johnson was in good standing despite a 1994 written allegation that in 1963 Johnson had entered into a 1 1/2 year 'relationship' with 15-year-old girl. Personnel files released in 2/03. In 8/11 the Boston archdiocese's database said allegations found unsubstantiated but privileges restricted.Died 3/2/17.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 02.05.03; Boston Herald 02.05.03; Boston Herald 02.07.03; Palm Beach Post 02.07.03; Sun-Sentinel 02.07.03; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Boston Globe 03.06.17
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Letter 10.11.50 on K of C Chaplaincy; Boston Assignment Record on Juvenile Court Chaplaincy; Memo 12.31.97 on Good Standing for Palm Beach Faculties
JohnsonStephan Leslie1981PAccusedPaulistNamed publicly as accused by the Paulists on its list 3/8/19. Worked in the L.A. archdiocese, and the dioceses of Norwich and Columbus. Leave of Absence 1995-96, left the order in 7/96. Allegations reported in 2018, stemming from his time in CT 1985-87. Added to Columbus diocese's list 5/23/19.Norwich, CTSource:
Paulists List 03.08.19; Columbus Dispatch 05.30.19
Paulist Fathers List 03.08.19
Walter E. 1953PAccusedMaryknoll MissionaryNamed publicly as accused on the Rockford diocese's list 11/14/18. Noted to have been removed by his order 4/88, reinstated 9/88, then removed again 4/93. Worked in Chicago IL archdiocese, Bolivia, Dioceses of Rockford IL and San Jose CA. Moved to Maryknoll NY 2004. Died 4/14/18.Rockford, ILSource:
Maryknoll Mission Archives 04.14.18; Diocese of Rockford List 11.14.18
Maryknoll Mission Archives 04.14.18
JohnstonJames1954 ?PSettledMaristA man came forward in 2004 to allege abuse by Johnston in the 1960s when he was a minor. Johnston worked at St. Louis King of France 1954-61. settlement $42K reached in 2004. Name is not included on either the original or the amended lists of credibly accused priests released by the Archdiocese on 12/2/13 and 02/17/14.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Settlement Agreement 08.13.04; Minnesota Public Radio 02.19.14; Minnesota Public Radio Database 02.19.14
Robert F.1962PChargedDiocesanIn 2002 a man said Johnston abused him as a teenager in about 1978, at Sacred Heart parish in Valley Park. Johnston admitted the abuse and resigned from current parish. Two men filed suit in 12/04 alleging abuse 1977-80. Arrested in 1/05; criminal charges filed 6/06 related to alleged abuse of a youth in 1978. Four suits moved to federal court. One of six priests named in settlement announced 7/08. Laicized in 2002. In 6/11 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit ruled the archdiocese not responsible for his behavior. On the archdiocese's list 7/26/19. Allegations substantiated. Removed from ministry.St. Louis, MOSource:
St Louis Post-Dispatch 12.23.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 12.29.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 12.16.04; Webster-Kirkwood Times 01.16.05; Times (Shrewsbury, MO) 03.06.05; St Louis Post-Dispatch 06.14.06; St Louis Post-Dispatch 07.08.08; Belleville News Democrat 01.13.09; Riverfront Times 06.10.11; Archdiocese of St Louis List 07.26.19; St Louis Post-Dispatch 04.20.21
Thomas1986PSuedDominicanA church secretary sued Johnston in 2000 saying her work contract was not renewed because her teenage son rebuffed the priest's sexual advances in 1999. Johnson admitted inappropriate sexual behavior and language but denied any sexual contact. Removed from parish and sent to Illinois after allegations made. Included on the Detroit archdiocese's list of credibly accused 6/10/19.Detroit, MISource:
Archdiocese of Detroit Status Report November 2002; Detroit Free Press 03.02.02; Detroit Free Press 05.23.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Archdiocese of Detroit List 06.10.19
Augustine K.1953PConvictedBenedictineConvicted in 1968 of abuse of a boy. Received three years probation and treatment. More charges in 1993 of abuse in 1990. Indicted in 1993. Pled guilty. Sentenced to four years probation. Died 9/28/07 at Blue Cloud Abbey in SD. On Rockford diocese's list 11/14/18.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Sun-Times 08.18.93; Chicago Tribune 08.18.93; Copley News Service 08.18.93; Chicago Sun-Times 08.22.93; Chicago Tribune 08.27.93; Chicago Tribune 09.19.93; Chicago Tribune 09.24.93; FindAGrave accessed 06.19.11; Diocese of Rockford List 11.14.18
Carleton Parker1987PSuedDominicanAccused in a lawsuit filed under the NY Child Victims Act in 8/23 of molesting an 8-year-old boy about 30 years prior, while assigned to St. Catherine of Siena in NYC. Jones' accuser first came forward in 9/18. The Dominicans' Province of St. Joseph deemed the allegation not credible. Was an Episcopal priest prior to converting in 1982 to Catholicism. Worked as a Dominican in New York, NY; Columbus, OH; New Haven, CT; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC.New York, NYSource:
Coming Home Network International 09.23.02; Columbus Dispatch 08.23.19; WOSU Radio 08.27.19; New York Times 01.30.21
JonesDavid BAccusedCapuchin FranciscanNamed publicly as accused by the Capuchin Province of Mid-America on its list 3/1/19. Abuse reportedly occurred around 1986. More than one credible allegation, per the Salina diocese. Dismissed from Order in 1987.Salina, KSSource:
Capuchin Province of Mid-America List 03.01.19; Denver Post 03.28.19; The Register 03.29.19
Edward T.2003PAccusedDiocesanPastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Crawfordville and Sacred Heart in Lanark when removed in 8/18 due to allegation of 'inappropriate contact' with an underage girl in 2004 while assigned to Blessed Sacrament in Tallahassee. State's Attorney to investigate. Included in 2020 on the diocese's list of credibly accused (first name 'Eddie'). Permanently removed from ministry in 2018.Pensacola-Tallahassee, FLSource:
Tallahassee Democrat 08.17.18; Tallahassee Democrat 08.30.18; Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee List 04.15.21
Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee List 04.15.21
JonesRaymond M.  DAccusedDiocesanDeacon. Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 2/6/19. Suspended in 1986 after allegation he sexually abused a male minor in 1982. Scheduled ordination cancelled and he was encouraged to seek laicization. Allegation deemed credible by the \he Permanent Review Board in 2019.Alexandria, LASource:
Diocese of Alexandria List 02.06.19; Avoyelles Today 02.10.19
JonesRichard1973PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its revised list 11/30/18. Resigned in 1986.Albany, NYSource:
Diocese of Albany Revised List 11.30.18
Richard G.1963PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of two teenage boys. Archdiocese learned of first instance in 1988. On health leave 1988-1990, leave of absence 1990-1993. Left active ministry in 1993. Civil suit filed 2004 alleging abuse 1980-1983. Included in Grand Jury report of 2005. Laicization announced 2005. Name included on secret 1994 memo from Rev. William Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) regarding priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report 2005; Philadelphia Daily News 01.31.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 02.01.04; Daily Times 02.03.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.24.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.05; 1994 Memo from Fr William Lynn to Asst Vicar for Admin re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record
JonesWilliam E.1960PSuedDiocesanMonsignor. Placed on leave in 2002 after an allegation that he had sexually abused a minor more than 20 years previously. Civil suit was filed in 1/04. alleging that Jones molested at least one youth on numerous occasions 1978-80. It also said that Jones and another priest performed oral sex on the plaintiff and several other boys during a trip. Suit was dismissed 1/05 due to the statute of limitations. Jones died in 5/04 at age 70. Also accused in a suit of using crude/sexual language toward a teenage girl.Allentown, PASource:
Morning Call 04.15.02; Morning Call 04.16.02; Morning Call 05.29.02; Morning Call 01.14.04; Morning Call 01.14.04; Morning Call 01.18.04; Morning Call 02.06.04; Express Times 05.11.04; Morning Call 05.12.04; Morning Call 01.27.05; Morning Call 06.21.18; Diocese of Allentown 08.19.18; PA Grand Jury Report Profile 09.17.18; National Review 09.21.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
JordanJohn E.1935PSuedDiocesanJordan, who died 9/1987, was accused of abuse in civil suit filed 5/14/12 against Archdiocese of Chicago. A former altar boy alleged abuse by Jordan at St. Adrian Parish's rectory between 1983-1984. Allegations said he would spank the boy with a paddle while forcing him to pray before performing sex acts.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 09.17.87; Chicago Tribune 05.14.12; CBS Chicago 05.15.12; Chicago Sun Times 05.15.12
JordanThomas M.1948PSettledDiocesanAccused in a lawsuit that settled in 2020 of abuse of a boy, ages 6-7, in 1979-80, while assigned to Church of the Epiphany in Sayre, PA. The abuse allegedly took place at the parish school. The suit settled in the low six figures. Jordan died in 9/90.Scranton, PASource:
Garabedian List 01.19.21
Garabedian Law Offices Assignment Record
Jean Ronald1993PSettledDiocesanFrom Haiti. Ordained for the Diocese of Venice. Accusations first made in 8/08. Agreed to a leave of absence in 12/08 pending an investigation of allegations that he had sexually abused a 16-year- old boy in 1993 at St. Frances Xavier parish in Ft. Meyers. Joseph denied all allegations. Canon law trial held in 2013 found denials not credible. Settlement of claims announced 08/20/14. It is believed he was laicized in 2013. Apparently case was settled only after secret 2013 documents were given to plaintiff showing the Catholic Church knew the priest was guilty of abusing him as a child and that other victims were also known.The decision to laicize was appealed to Rome.Venice, FLSource:
News-Press 12.28.08; Bradenton Herald 12.29.08; NBC 2 12.29.08; News-Press 12.29.08; News-Press 12.30.08; News-Press 12.30.08; SNAP 12.30.08; Herald Tribune 01.05.09; Anna Maria Islander 01.14.09; News-Press 01.18.09; Bradenton Herald 01.21.09; Bradenton Herald 01.21.09; Herald-Tribune 01.21.09; MSNBC 01.21.09; WWSB 01.21.09; WGCU 08.18.14; ABC 7 08.19.14; News-Press 08.19.14; News-Press 08.19.14; SNAP Statement 08.19.14; WINK News 08.19.14; WTSP Channel 10 08.19.14; News-Press 08.24.14
JosephRoy  ?PArrestedDiocesanCriminally charged 1/17/20 for "an incident" occurring around 2/21/06 while assigned in Marquette County. Living in India at the time of the charges. In 10/20 his extradition from India was reportedly in progress.Marquette, MISource:
Associated Press 01.18.20; Daily Press 01.18.20; Mining Journal 10.22.20
William T.1966PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 5th grade boy in late 1970s. Diocese notified in 1998. Joseph allowed to retire. In 2004, his ministry was permanently restricted and he accepted a supervised life.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Daily News 4.3.08; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
Joseph J.Farrell1974PSuedDiocesanAccused in a lawsuit filed in 4/21 of sexually abusing a boy, age 13 or 14, in 1988 or 1989. The abuse allegedly included rape. The boy was a student at St. Agnes in Atlantic Highlands.Trenton, NJSource:
Diocese of Trenton 04.12.21; NJ Advance Media 04.24.21
Dennis Raymond SConvictedDiocesanRaised in San Angelo TX Diocese. Spent years in CA training to be deacon before being removed from program. Served as vol. coord. of altar boys. Named in 1992 suit re abuse of one boy. Arrested in 1992 on charges that in 1990 he took minor from CA to AZ & NM to abuse him. Convicted & sentenced 1993 to six months' jail and 2 years' probation. Worked in Dallas Diocese 1995-1997 until past uncovered. Personnel file released by San Diego Diocese 10/25/10 references prior conviction from 1970s.San Bernardino, CASource:
Dallas Morning News 8.2.97; Press Enterprise 5.2.93; Press Enterprise 01.21.93; Press Enterprise 01.21.93; Dallas Morning News 08.13.97; San Diego Union Tribune 10.24.10; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
JovePedro PSuedDiocesanAccused, along with Rev. Gustavo Miyares, in a suit filed in 10/06 of abusing a boy, age 14, in 1981 and 1982. The abuse allegedly occurred at at a Palm Beach County seminary, a Miami rectory and a condominium in the Keys. In 2006 Jove was referred to as "a former priest who runs a nonprofit Miami-Dade agency for senior citizens." He left the Archdiocese 20 years prior and "formally left the priesthood" 12 years prior.Miami, FLSource:
Herald-Tribune (AP) 10.17.06; Miami Herald 10.17.06; Miami Herald 10.18.06; NBC 6 10.18.06; Palm Beach Post 10.18.06
JoyalGerald F.1945PSettledDiocesanOne claim was included in a 10/02 $950K settlement involving 16 men who alleged that 8 different priests, including Joyal, abused them as minors. At least one claim was included in both the 11/02 $5M settlement claiming abuse by 28 priests and the 12/02 $542.5K settlement claiming abuse by 5 priests. Joyal died prior to all settlements.Manchester, NHSource:
Union Leader 10.12.02; Union Leader 11.27.02; Union Leader 12.20.02; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09; Diocese of Manchester List 07.31.19
Diocese of Manchester List 07.31.19
Donald J.1958PSettledOblates of Mary ImmaculateWorked in archdioceses of Washington DC, Boston, dioceses of Buffalo, Grand Rapids, Charlotte, San Antonio. Included on list of accused posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian 1/19/11. Garabedian said he settled at least one claim with the Boston archdiocese involving Joyce. Claimant said Joyce fondled and attempted to rape him when he was a Lowell, MA altar boy, ages 11-13, in 1977-79. Joyce was working as Director of Libraries at Oblate College in San Antonio in 2011 and at least since 2002. Order said 1/27/11 he was barred from working as a priest. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database. Died in 2013. On the Charlotte diocese's list 12/29/19. Accused in 2002 of abuse of a boy 1973-76 at Sacred Heart Catholic Mission in Wadesboro, NC.Charlotte, NCSource:
Associated Press 01.19.11; BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Herald News 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; Oblate School of Theology Website, accessed 01.22.11; KENS 01.26.11; KSAT 01.26.11; San Antonio Express News 01.26.11; Boston Globe 11.20.11; Diocese of Charlotte List 12.29.19
Assignments: Assignment Record; Diocese of Charlotte Assignment Record 12.29.19
JoyceEdward1940PSuedDiocesanMonsignor. First named publicly as accused in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Died 1969. Allegation in 12/02 to D.A. that Joyce inappropriately touched a boy 1966-68, with naked massages and heavy touching. Another priest was said to have walked in on them and Joyce was reassigned to an all-girls school. Alleged victim filed suit against Bishop Zubik and Cardinal Wuerl in 10/18.Pittsburgh, PASource:
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18; Tribune Review 10.05.18
PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18
JoyceRobert E. BAccusedJesuitNamed publicly as accused by the Jesuits Midwest Province on its list 12/17/18. Multiple allegations of abuse, occurring while assigned to Marquette University High School 1963-65. Dismissed from the order 7/5/65.Milwaukee, WISource:
Jesuits Midwest Province List 12.17.18
Jesuits Midwest Province Assignment Record 12.21.18
JuanitaSister NSuedSisters of St. FrancisSisters of St. Francis of the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin. Accused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 of sexually abusing a girl at the The Mission of the Immaculate Virgin at Mount Loretto orphanage. The girl was a resident of the orphanage 1953-67. She also alleged sexual abuse at the facility by Sisters Helen, Virginia Marie and Father Horry.New York, NYSource:
SI Live 08.15.19
JuarezAnthony BAccusedSalesianAccused of abuse of one person between 1958-1958, per 2004 archdiocesan report.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; InjuryBoard 01.28.08; City of Angels 03.19.08
LA Times Database 04.20.06
Martin1981PSuedDiocesanAccused in a lawsuit filed in 8/17 of sexually abusing an altar boy at St. Matthew's in Topeka over a three-year period, beginning when the boy was age 9 in the early 1980s. Juarez's accuser said the abuse occurred multiple times in various places, including the parish rectory, and it included fondling, oral and forced anal sex. Per the archdiocese, Juarez left priestly ministry there in 1994 and was laicized in 2005. On the archdiocese's list 1/25/19. It notes mulltple allegations of a abuse, occurring early- to mid-1980s.Kansas City, KSSource:
Topeka Capital-Journal 04.12.18; KSNT 04.13.18; St Matthew Bulletin 04.29.18; Archdiocese of Kansas City KS List 01.25.19; Kansas City Star 01.22.21
JuarezRobert Jesus1980PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused on the archdiocese's list updated 12/6/18. Reports to the archdiocese 1992 and 2009, of incidents alleged to have occurred in 1980-81. 'Lifetime of Prayer and Penance ' imposed in 2017.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Update 12.06.18
JudaStephen A.1942PAccusedC.R. Congregation of the ResurrectionNamed publicly as accused by the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese on its list updated 4/1/19. It notes an incident in 1972, reported in 2004. Died 2006, age 91.Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MOSource:
Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau List 04.01.19
Richard P.1964PSuedDiocesanOrdained for the Servants of the Paraclete, later a priest of the Buffalo diocese. Died in 1988. In 2002 a man told a news outlet that Judd abused him when he was a student at St. Teresa's Elementary School in South Buffalo in the summer of 1975. Named as accused in 3/03 by the Tucson diocese. Lived in Tucson in the early 1970s, assigned to Salpointe Catholic High School and two parishes. On Buffalo diocese's 3/20/18 list. Accused in lawsuits under the NY Child Victims Act in 8/19 of: abuse 1977-78 of a 14-year-old who attended Nativity of the BVM; arranging for three teen boys to have sex with an older girl in the rectory of St. Teresa's in Niagara Falls and participating; abuse, along with Fr. Basil Ormsby, of a 13-year-old at St. Teresa's in South Buffalo in the mid-1970s.Buffalo, NYSource:
Diocese of Tucson Statement 03.27.03; Arizona Daily Star 03.30.03; Tucson Citizen 02.27.04; Diocese of Tucson List 08.05.11; Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18; Niagara Gazette 03.24.18; Buffalo News 03.27.18; Buffalo News 08.14.19; Buffalo News 08.14.19; Lockport Journal 09.01.19
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
JuliaSister NAccusedSister of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (R.G.S.). Worked at the Good Shepherd Home 1950-51.Covington, KYSource:
Diocese of Covington List 07.31.20
Diocese of Covington List 07.31.20
Julia/JulietaSister NSuedFranciscan Sisters of St. JosephAccused in a lawsuit filed in 8/19 under the NY Child Victims Act of abuse of a boy at Corpus Christi, in about 1956-57. The parish school was run by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 08.14.19
JungquistEdward W.1980PAccusedDiocesanWorked in Erie, Grove City, Oil City and Titusville parishes, then in Pensacola FL in 1989. On Leave of Absence 1991-92, then no longer indexed in the Official Catholic Directory. Appears to have moved to Tucson, AZ. Name included on Erie diocese's list released 4/6/18, under "deceased." Updated list 4/5/19 notes "whereabouts unknown," and "forbidden to function as priest." Included on the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese's list of credibly accused.Erie, PASource:
Tucson Citizen 08.14.98; Tucson Citizen 10.13.01; Diocese of Erie 04.06.18; GoErie 04.06.18; Diocese of Erie List Updated 04.05.19; Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee List 04.15.21
Assignments: Assignment Record; Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee List 04.15.21
Alan D.1962PSuedDiocesanParish priest, police chaplain. Accused in 2003 of raping a 16-year-old boy in the mid-1970s and sharing him with 3 priests (Douglas, Ophals, Cawlings). A 5/03 suit accused Jupin of intimidation of accuser; DA investigated. A suit in 8/03 accused diocese of slandering him. Accused in 6/03 of a boy abuse in the 1970s. Suits dismissed 1/30/04. Jupin was reinstated when review board found no 'reasonable grounds' for believing two charges. In Fall 2010 a man alleged Jupin abused him beginning when he was age 9 in the 1980s. He said he was also abused by Revs. Donald Ophals, John Bertolucci, Louis Douglas and Carl Urban. Jupin was placed on leave 3/11; reinstated 11/11. Died 1/27/19. Suit filed in 8/19. Added in 7/20 to the diocese's "List of Offenders" after allegations in 2019 were determined by the diocese to have "reasonable cause."Albany, NYSource:
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Michael P.1976PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 10/18 after allegations of two cases of sexual misconduct with children. Living in FL when removed; had been assigned 2006-2011 to St. Stephen's parish in St. Petersburg. The diocese announced in 5/19 that the allegations were determined to be substantiated. Case to be reviewed by the Vatican. Removed from diocesan payroll 5/1/20 as part of bankruptcy agreement.Buffalo, NYSource:
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JustiMarvin1958PAccusedOFM Cap.Died 2/11/09. First named publicly as accused in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Worked in Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese in the 1970s. In 2016 the Pittsburgh diocese received a report from a woman that when she was age 17 in 1969 and a Sewickley Valley Hospital nursing students, Justi was a patient who became aroused as she bathed him and insisted she keep washing his genitals. She said he then would send her suggestive letters and notes. Her mother reported Justi to his superior. The woman also said that in 1982 when she worked in physical therapy in Ambridge, Justi was a patient who undressed and refused to dress when she tried to start the session. In 1985 he reportedly showed up at her house, used the restroom, then entered the living room naked, his genitals freshly shaven. On the Kansas City KS archdiocese's list in 1/25/19.Pittsburgh, PASource:
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David J.1966PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 12/3/18. Hospital, high school, state school, psychiatric center and police department chaplain. Assigned to parishes in Truxton, DeRuyter and Cicero. Died 12/16/17.Syracuse, NYSource:
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