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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
James M.1996PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from active ministry in 1999 due to "known [recent] sexual misconduct" with a 17-year-old girl, over a three-month period. Sent for evaluation. Placed on administrative leave. until 2003. Assigned to Drexel University 2001-2005 until name appeared in PA Grand Jury Report. Laicization announced 3/07.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report 09.21.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Philadelphia Daily News 10.06.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.28.05; Archdiocese of Philadelphia 03.08.07; Delaware County Times 03.09.07
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
Frank J. 1968PSuedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 2/13/19. Multiple alleged victims noted. Died 3/14/07. Per news in 6/20, four lawsuits had been filed claiming sexual abuse of children in the 1970s; one suit alleged he touched and massaged a 7-year-old girl's vagina in 1975. A suit filed 7/10/20 claims Iazetta groomed and abused a boy for 16 years, including while the boy was a student St. Joseph High School in Metuchen. Iazetta left the school after 1974. He reportedly transferred in 1986 to Tennessee.Trenton, NJSource:
Asbury Park Press 02.18.19; Diocese of Trenton List Corrected 03.17.19; The Trentonian 06.12.20; Courier News 07.22.20; Bergen Record via NorthJersey com 12.01.20
Stanley Dominic1962PSettledPallottineMember of Pallotines in NY, Buffalo area. Moved to GA in 1977, following a family with two young boys, initially living with them. Left Pallotines, became Atlanta archdiocesan priest. Worked in Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, then Gainseville parishes. Accused in late 1980s of abuse of a boy at a Stone Mountain church. Interviewed by law enforcement but no charges due to statute of limitations. More accusations of abuse of boys by Idziak, including of the two brothers, beginning when they lived in NY. Sent to treatment in DC, then to the Paracletes in NM. Civil suit settled in 1992 for $570K. At least four known victims. One allegation of abuse of a boy at a WI high school in 1964. Laicized 1992, living in Albuquerque. Died in 1/17. Another lawsuit Spring 2017 alleged abuse of 12- to 15-year-old boy at Corpus Christi; settled 1/18. On Atlanta archdiocese's list 11/6/18. Per suit filed 9/19, abused a boy, starting age 5, 1963-73.Buffalo, NYSource:
Atlanta Journal and Constitution 02.20.91; Georgia Bulletin 06.18.92; Atlanta Journal and Constitution 06.23.92; Atlanta Journal and Constitution 07.26.92; Atlanta Journal and Constitution 04.17.93; Georgia Bulletin 04.04.02; Atlanta Journal Constitution 04.21.02; Atlanta Journal-Constitution 07.07.17; Atlanta Journal-Constitution 01.03.18; Buffalo News 03.09.18; National Catholic Reporter 03.09.18; Archdiocese of Atlanta List 11.06.18; Reporter Newspapers 11.07.18; WSB TV 11.07.18; Buffalo News 09.20.19
Edward A.1974PSettledDiocesanAccused in a 1994 lawsuit of sexual assault and rape over three-year period in 1970s of a 14- to 17 year-old boy. Remained in ministry until permanently removed 2000. His accuser received a $7,000 settlement. Igle said he left priesthood in May 2000 on voluntary leave of absence; diocese said it was due to abuse. A second man accused Igle of sexually abusing him in the 1970s; received a settlement in the early 2000s. Diocese deemed all allegations credible. Igle denied them. In July 2015 he remained a licensed marriage and family therapist in NJ. On diocese's list 2/13/19.Camden, NJSource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.16.15; Diocese of Camden List 02.13.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
Kelvin E1999PConvictedDiocesanIguabita, a native of Colombia, trained and ordained by Boston archdiocese, was placed on leave 7/18/01 from assignment at All Saints in Haverhill. Arrested 1/15/02 on 2 charges of rape of 15-year-old girl in 2000, after mandated reporter contacted the diocese 11/16/01 and then the authorities. Cardinal Law started canonical investigation of rape allegation on 11/17/01, citing 'three other known accusations of inappropriate sexual relationships, one of which involves rape.' On 6/20/03 jury found Iguabita guilty of rape of the girl. Sentenced 6/27/03 to 12-14 years in prison. Also charged 4/2/02 with assault of a 24-year-old woman prior to ordination, when he worked at St Joachim's in Rockport. Involuntary laicization announced 2/11/05. Victim met Pope Benedict on 4/17/08. Third request for new trial denied 2/11. Apparently deported in 2015 at end of sentence. Suit filed 10/7/15 alleges abuse of girl in 1999-2001 starting at age 5 and including rape. Iguabita is reportedly in Honduras.Boston, MASource:
Bishop Allue Memo to Higgins on Misconduct Report 06.11.01; Cardinal Law Letter Placing Iguabita on Leave 07.12.01; Miceli Memo on Leave Recommendation 07.12.01; Higgins Notes on Mandated Report 11.16.01; Cardinal Law Decree Starting Investigation 11.17.01; Mandated Report of Therapist 11.19.01; Associated Press 01.15.02; Morrissey Statement 01.15.02; Boston Globe 01.16.02; Eagle-Tribune 01.16.02; Boston Herald 01.17.02; Boston Herald 01.19.02; Boston Herald 04.04.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Boston Herald 12.18.02; Boston Globe 03.05.03; Boston Globe 06.11.03; Boston Globe 06.28.03; Boston Herald 06.28.03; Boston Herald 09.15.03; Archdiocesan Statement 02.11.05; Boston Herald 02.12.05; Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 06.18.07; Boston Herald 04.18.08; Boston Globe 04.19.08; Eagle Tribune 02.03.11; Archdiocesan List Section A 08.25.11; National Catholic Register 01.05.12; Eagle-Tribune 03.18.12; Boston Globe 10.08.15; Eagle-Tribune 10.08.15; Eagle-Tribune Second Article 10.08.15; Eagle-Tribune 10.09.15; Eagle-Tribuen 05.17.16
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Pre-Ordination Assignment List; Archdiocesan Assignments 08.14.15
IlaganJose Medrano  ?PAccusedDiocesanName quietly added, along with 23 others, to the Los Angeles archdiocese's Final Addendum posted on its website 1/31/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Final Addendum 01.31.13; Digital Journal 02.14.13
ImmingDavid 1965PSuedDiocesanAccused in a 2003 suit of abuse of a boy 20 years prior. It claimed the archdiocese had forced Imming to resign and removed his privileges because of a complaint of abuse of a different boy during the same time as the plaintiff's abuse. At least six other accusers came forward. Imming "retired" in 2001. Suit dismissed 1/10. On the Kansas City KS archdiocese's list 1/25/19. It notes more than one allegation of abuse, occurring in 1980 in OK. Never assigned to KC. On OK City list 10/3/19; it notes faculties removed 5/13/02. Laicized 6/10/11.Oklahoma City, OKSource:
Associated Press 03.31.03; Daily Oklahoman 04.01.03; Associated Press 04.04.03; Daily Oklahoman 07.12.03; Alva Review-Courier 05.15.05; SCHOVANEC v ARCHDIOCESE OF OKLAHOMA CITY Cause No 102,028, Supreme Court of Oklahoma 07.01.08; Alva Review-Courier 01.29.10; Archdiocese of Kansas City KS List 01.25.19; Archdiocese of Oklahoma City List 10.03.19
Archdiocese of Oklahoma City List Updated 01.21.20
Fred D.1974PConvictedDiocesanCharged in 2/04 with receiving child porn and storing it on a computer in the parish rectory. Placed on leave. Charges said he paid for access to child porn sites on 13 times 7/02-6/03. Pled guilty in 6/04 to possession of 144 pornographic images. Sentenced 2005 to 3 years 1 month in federal prison. Released 12/07. On the 3/20/18 diocesan list. Accused in a lawsuit filed under the NY Child Victims Act in 8/19 of abuse of a child, ages 10-11 in 1982-83, while assigned to St. Joseph's School in Niagara Falls. Case sent to Vatican. Removed from diocesan payroll 5/1/20 as part of bankruptcy agreement.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 02.27.04; Buffalo News 06.18.04; Buffalo News 06.19.04; Buffalo News 03.12.05; Buffalo News 02.28.18; Niagara Gazette 03.13.18; WIVB 03.13.18; Buffalo News 03.20.18; Buffalo Stories 03.20.18; Diocese of Buffalo 03.20.18; Buffalo News 03.21.18; Buffalo News 06.20.18; Niagara Gazette 08.18.19; Buffalo News 11.10.19; WKBW 04.29.20
Jeff Anderson & Associates Assignment History
Gregory G.1974PChargedDiocesanWidely known church legal scholar and former Vicar of Priests for the SF Archdiocese. Accused in 1996 of having oral sex with a 15-year-old boy. Archbishop Levada allowed Ingels to remain in public ministry and flourish for years as a force in church legal matters. Ingels continued as a church official even after a second charge by a woman. Placed on leave in 2002. Criminally charged in 5/03; charges dropped in 7/03 due to U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Included in 6/05 settlement.San Francisco, CASource:
San Francisco Chronicle 05.23.03; Daily Bulletin (AP) 05.24.03; LA Times 05.25.03; San Francisco Chronicle 05.29.03; SF Weekly 06.09.03; San Francisco Chronicle 11.12.04; SF Weekly 01.19.05; SF Weekly 01.19.05; San Francisco Chronicle 06.11.05; San Francisco Chronicle 06.14.05; SF Weekly 07.13.05; AveWatch 12.22.08; NY Times 05.05.10; Associated Press 07.29.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
Vincent J.1972PSettledDiocesanAttorney Garabedian announced settlement 9/13 on behalf of one individual who alleged abuse by Inghilterra during 1970s when he was chaplain at Trenton State Teachers College in NJ. This was first public naming of Inghilterra although Trenton officials found allegations credible 5/13 and suspended him then. Military Chaplain, per 1989 Official Catholic Directory. In 2012 he was leading pilgrimages to France, Fatima, Italy and Medjugorje. In 9/16 diocese agreed to 6-figure settlement with man claiming abuse by Inghilterra at age 16 in 1979. The man said that after an incident, another teen told him he was "now one of Fr. Vince's boys." On diocese's list 2/13/19. Removed from ministry.Trenton, NJSource:
SNAP Statement 09.04.13; The Republic (AP) 09.04.13; SNAP Statement 09.06.13; NJcom 09.07.16; Asbury Park Press 02.18.19; Diocese of Trenton List Corrected 03.17.19; Trentonian 03.17.19
Assignments: Assignment Record
InmanLeonard1961PSuedDiocesanNamed as one of 9 "predator" priests known to the diocese in lawsuits filed by 5 individuals against 2 other priests in 2/03. Bishop Adamec said Inman had been out of public ministry since 1989 and that assignments while he was active were deliberate and done for monitoring. Per the PA AG's 3/1/16 Grand Jury Report, "Bishop Hogan was very much aware that Inman was raping children..." while assigned to Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament 1971-86. One boy reported to police in 1986 that Inman started raping him when he was age 11, 4 years prior. Inman was known to "troll" the area for sex with boys, after which he would pay them. Hogan denied police investigators access to the Cathedral. They wanted to wire a witness, but Inman suddenly stopped "trolling the ally [sic] for sex." The investigation stopped after Hogan met with the Altoona Police Chief, and Inman was sent for treatment. He died 6/1/01.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
Serbin Letter to DA's Office 09.25.02; Tribune-Democrat 02.07.03; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 03.05.03; Daily Herald 03.10.03; Tribune-Democrat 03.11.03; GJ FBI Timeline 03.01.16; PA AG Statement 03.01.16; PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Timeline 03.06.16; PennLive 03.08.16; WjAC 03.10.16
PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16
Lawrence C.1978PAccusedDiocesanRemoved in 2003. Accused of abuse of a young male relative 1978 -1983. Assigned to Sacred Heart Church in Newburgh at the time. Laicization announced in 9/05. On archdiocese's list 4/26/19.New York, NYSource:
NY Times 07.23.03; The Journal News (NY) 07.23.03; Journal News 08.21.03; NY Times 08.21.03; Journal News 09.14.03; Journal News 07.09.05; Journal News 09.02.05; Archdiocese of New York List 04.26.19
Assignments: Summary of Directory Entries
Peter J.1970PSettledDiocesanPlaced on leave in 1994 when civil suit was filed alleging abuse of a 19-year-old in 1984. Suit settled in 1999 for $300K. Reassigned in 2000 to St. Leo's church and elementary school in Leominster. Placed on leave again in 3/02 after parents said he attempted to molest 8-10 boys and gave graphic sexual talk to boys and girls. Another civil suit filed in 2004 alleging abuse in 1993-94. Cited in a RICO suit in 11/08. Laicization announced in 1/18.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram and Gazette 05.19.96; Telegram & Gazette 12.13.96; Worcester Magazine 09.24.97; Telegram & Gazette 11.11.99; The Day 05.13.01; Telegram & Gazette 02.14.02; Sunday Telegram 03.03.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.17.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.18.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.20.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.27.02; Telegram & Gazette 09.01.02; Telegram & Gazette 05.20.03; Telegram & Gazette 06.04.03; Worcester Voice 10.12.04; Worcester Voice 03.12.06; Hartford Courant 12.31.08; Worcester Telegram & Gazette 01.25.18; MassLive 01.26.18; Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise 01.27.18; Telegram & Gazette 01.27.18; Church Militant 01.29.18
Pascal D. 1970PSuedDiocesanRetired. Diocese announced 6/28/18 that Ipolito's name was added to its list of accused, and that he was on leave pending investigation. A lawsuit filed 8/19 under the NY Child Victims Act claims Ipolito abused a teenage boy in Toronto in 1975. The priest allegedly had taken the boy to a Beach Boys concert, plied him with alcohol and molested him at a hotel. Removed from diocesan payroll 5/1/20 as part of bankruptcy agreement. Suit in 6/20 against the Boy Scouts alleges abuse by Ipolito, who was a Scout leader. By 7/20 Ipolito was accused in three lawsuits.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 06.28.18; Diocese of Buffalo 06.28.18; Spectrum News 06.28.18; WBFO 06.29.18; Buffalo News 08.14.19; Buffalo News 08.14.19; WKBW 04.29.20; Buffalo News 07.05.20
Charles B. BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersOne of 10 brothers and two laymen accused by more than 30 men in a 5/13 civil case of abuse at three Chicago schools run by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North American Province. In 5//13 Order agreed to $16.5M settlement with 400 plaintiffs involving abuse by multiple order priests and brothers. Also accused of abuse at Bergen Catholic in Oradell NJ. In 8/16 $1.9 M settlement announced, to be shared among 21 former Bergen Catholic students. Irwin entered the CFC Order in 1945 and made final vows in 1953. Assigned to schools and communities in West Park NY, NYC, Chicago IL, Oradell NJ, and New Rochelle NY. Died 10/09/97. New suit in 3/21 alleges abuse of a Bergen Catholic student in the 1960s.Chicago, ILSource:
Irwin Obit 09.30.97; Chicago Tribune 05.24.13; CBS New York 08.22.16; NJcom 08.22.16; The Record 03.25.21
Irwin Obit 10.00.97
IrwinMichael1970PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 3/19/19. Died 1993. Alleged abuse in 1975 in Vicksburg, reported to the diocese in 2005.Jackson, MSSource:
Diocese of Jackson List 03.19.19
William E.1964PAccusedDiocesanIn 4/02 an anonymous caller accused Irwin of child abuse years prior. Irwin reported the call to diocesan officials; he was removed from active ministry. He was semi-retired at the time the allegations were made. Police said not enough info to justify an official investigation. Per a 1/03 article, Irwin had officially resigned from his position and could no longer function as a priest. Worked in MD 1976-1986 before returning to Wilmington. Died in 2005. Records released in 2/12.Wilmington, DESource:
News Journal 04.06.02; TV 6 WPVI 04.07.02; News Journal 04.10.02; News Journal 04.13.02; News Journal 01.28.03; News Journal 11.20.05; News Journal 11.20.05; The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.07.09; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; Diocese of Wilmington Personnel Files 02.16.12
News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
IsaiasTheodore1961PSuedDiocesanCivil suit filed against Isaias, Santa Fe archdiocese, Via Coeli, Greek Orthodox Church, and Estate of Fr. Charles Rourke in 1995. One man said he was sexually abused by Isaias in 1974. It is believed Isaias was treated at Via Coeli prior to time he abused plaintiff. Suit was settled and dismissed in 1996. Documents released by the Orange CA diocese show that in 1988 Isaias was the Director of Albuquerque Villa, a facility of the Servants of the Paraclete, and was also their Director of Aftercare. Included on Santa Fe archdiocese list of accused on 9/12/17.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Chavez v Roman C, Bernalillo County CV-95-0769902; LA Times 05.25.05; Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 09.12.17; Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 03.08.19
Archdiocese of Santa Fe List 03.08.19
Matthew A.1975PSuedDiocesanRemoved from position as parochial vicar at St. Paul in Akron as of 8/26/11 and placed on administrative leave after civil suit filed in Cuyahoga County. Complaint alleged that Ischay was involved in 'misconduct' with a minor in the late 1970s. Assigned to St. Richard parish in North Olmsted from ordination until some time in 1981. Civil suit dropped 10/11 at plaintiff's request due to the statute of limitations. At least four other accusers came forward after suit was filed. Per the diocese's list 6/21/19, Ischay was on administrative leave pending the Vatican's decision regarding laicization.Cleveland, OHSource:
Beacon Journal 09.09.11; SNAP Statement 09.09.11; Statement by Diocese of Cleveland (accessed 09.09.11; WEWS 09.09.11; WKYC 09.09.11; Plain Dealer 09.10.11; Beacon Journal 10.31.11; Diocese of Cleveland List 06.21.19
IsermannWilliam1956PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the diocese on its list sometime after 12/18. Categorized under "removed from ministry due to allegation of abuse of a minor before 2002 or, determined to have substantial evidence of abuse of a minor before 2002." Isermann was removed in 1993 and died in 1996.Peoria, ILSource:
Diocese of Peoria List accessed 01.28.20
Diocese of Peoria Assignment Record
Salvatore "Sam"1962PSuedSalesians of Don BoscoAccused in a 12/18 lawsuit of raping a 17-year-old boy after rendering him dizzy and disoriented, possibly with chloroform, in 1979. The plaintiff said he met the priest at a hospital where he was working to earn money for a class ring. He said he informed Bishop Aymond in 9/18, who said he believed him and put him in touch with a Salesian official, Fr. Stephen Ryan. Ryan and his attorney allegedly told the man "to keep the entire issue quiet" and had him sign an agreement for psychiatric treatment, which they would fund. Isgro died in 1990.New Orleans, LASource:
The Advocate 12.12.18; WVUE 12.12.18
IshakHurmiz Risko DArrestedDiocesanFrom Iraq. Deacon for 21 years. Assigned to St. Joseph Chaldean in Troy when arrested in 10/18, alleged to have sexually assaulted a young boy at church 5/17-10//2/18. Suspended.Detroit, MISource:
Click on Detroit 10.31.18
IslasMario1970PAccusedDiocesanNamed publicly as accused by the El Paso diocese on its list 1/31/19. Removed from ministry 1988. Inactive. On the Dodge City diocese's list 10/1/19, where he was assigned 12/88-2/94.El Paso, TXSource:
Diocese of El Paso List 01.31.19; Diocese of Dodge City List 10.01.19; Hayes Post 10.02.19
Diocese of Dodge City Assignment History 10.31.19
IzquierdoWilliam/Guilermo1958PAccusedLegion of ChristNovice director at the Legion of Christ novitiate in Cheshire, CT 1982-94 and in Ireland before then. Order announced 12/13 that claim of abuse of a minor student received in 2012 had been substantiated. Another claim was under investigation. On restricted duty from 2005, when Order received allegation involving an adult. He had not ministered since 2008 and was said to have advanced dementia. Died in 2015.On the Hartford archdiocese's list 1/22/19. On the Legionaries list 12/21/19. Added to the Baltimore archdiocese's list in 11/20.Hartford, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 12.05.13; National Catholic Register 12.05.13; Statement by Legion of Christ 12.05.13; The Raw Story 12.06.13; Nachrichten 12.07.13; Vatican Insider 12.08.13; Hartford Courant 01.22.19; Legionaries of Christ List 12.21.19; Catholic News Service 12.23.19; Archdiocese of Baltimore List 11.03.20
Archdiocese of Hartford Assignment Record

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