March 22, 2006

Call for national register of mosque schools

The Guardian

Alexandra Smith
Wednesday March 22, 2006

Britain's 700 unregulated madrasas need to be monitored nationally to stop children being exposed to significant physical and sexual abuse, a Muslim body has warned.

The Muslim parliament of Great Britain will today urge the government to set up a national register for the mosque schools, coordinated and monitored by local authorities, to meet their legal obligations under the Children Act 1989.

Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the leader of the Muslim parliament, will launch a report highlighting the risks faced by 100,000 Muslim children studying in madrasas.

The report will warn of the widespread existence of physical and sexual child abuse in madrasas and follows revelations that as many as 40% of teachers in the schools hit or scold children and between 15 and 20 cases of sexual abuse occur each year.

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