March 10, 2005

Diocese is avoiding paying up, says abuse victim


Catholic diocese of St. George's is trying to avoid paying adequate compensation by declaring bankruptcy.

Randy Johnston is one of 36 young men who were sexually abused by Father Kevin Bennett. A court found Bennett guilty of sexual abuse in 1990.

The victims are suing the Episcopal Corporation of St. George's. But the Roman Catholic diocese is filing for bankruptcy protection.

The diocese claims it is filing for bankruptcy protection in order to give sexual abuse victims the best compensation package.

But Johnston says it's just another way for the church to avoid paying up.

"I'm not going to sit down and negotiate something that I've been victimized over and over with," he says. "There's a set amount set and they got to pay it, and it's time to get it over with. If they don't have the money, declare bankruptcy, and we'll take over the churches, and we'll take over the land, and we'll sell it."

Posted by kshaw at March 10, 2005 07:59 AM