March 01, 2005


Macedonian Press Agency

Metropolite Theoklitos of Thessaliotida tendered his resignation to the Church of Greece Holy Synod today assuming responsibility for proposing to the Church to use Iakovos Giosakis, while he is also scheduled to testify to the prosecutor and state everything he knows about the activities of Giosakis.

The Metropolite of Piraeus reacted strongly to the allegations made by Theoklitos against the ecclesiastical organization “Chrisopigi”.

Meanwhile, Metropolite Panteleimon of Attiki and Metropolite Dionisios of Chios will give explanations for the huge personnel assets they allegedly have.

Metropolite Germanos blames for the crisis the Archbishop and suggested his replacement by Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana and All Albania.

Posted by kshaw at March 1, 2005 04:46 PM