April 26, 2005

Site created to expose impostor priest

Renew America

Matt C. Abbott
April 25, 2005

In February of this year, the Chicago Tribune ran a front page story on Father Ryan St. Anne Scott, a shady "priest" currently residing in Galesburg, Ill. Ryan is independent of any diocese, and he claims to have been a victim of sexual assault at the hands of a group of priests in 1976, which no one has been able to verify.

For a time, I was inclined to believe him. But, the more I found out about his background, the more I realized that Ryan is nothing more than a fraud.

Bobbie Fleming is the daughter of one of Ryan's followers, Roseanna Gevelinger, who resides with Scott at his "abbey." Fleming has created www.holyrosaryabbey.org, a website dedicated to exposing Ryan. (Ryan's own website is www.holyrosaryabbey.com.)

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