April 21, 2005

New Pope is no bridge builder

One in Four

by Mary Raftery - Opinion - Irish Times

Five years ago, American nuns were mad as hell and weren't going to take it any more. TheirAbuse Tracker Coalition wrote an open letter to Pope John Paul II: "In your encyclical, That All May Be One (1995), you asked, 'What changes need to be made in the exercise of papal authority that could make the papal office a source of unity rather than division among Christians?' We would like you to consider silencing Cardinal Ratzinger."

The good cardinal had just issued his extraordinary denunciation of all other religious faiths as "gravely deficient". His notorious Dominus Iesus document was produced by the Catholic Church's latter-day Inquisition, better known in polite circles as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. ...

Ratzinger's dismissal of the uproar caused by revelations of clerical child sexual abuse and cover-up as "a planned campaign" was deeply duplicitous - of all the cardinals in Rome, he had a uniquely accurate picture of the enormous scale of the problem, as he had instructed that all reports of clerical abuse were to be sent directly to his office.

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