April 21, 2005

New Pope advised Cardinal Connell on sex abuse cases

One in Four

By Shane Phelan – The Star

Pope Benedict XVI was a key advisor to Cardinal Connell during his much criticised handling of clerical child sex abuse cases.

The former Archbishop of Dublin yesterday told The Star that his handling of the affair was greatly influenced by the advice of the new Pope.

The revelation comes as the new Pope is rocked by claims that he deliberately shelved a probe into a former trainee priest’s abuse claims for six years. Jose Babra says his allegations were hushed up.

In one case, it emerged the Archbishop’s office was informed of abuse allegations against Fr Noel Reynolds five years before action was taken. In the interim Fr Reynolds was appointed a hospital chaplain while hospital chiefs were unaware of the allegations. Fr Reynolds who has since died had admitted abusing over 100 children in Dublin parishes.

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