April 15, 2005

Catholic Training Program Designed to Help Spot Predators


Gita Pullapilly

Grand Rapids - The Grand Rapids Diocese is offering a training program called, Protecting God's Children to help prevent sex abuse in the church and the community.

The program is designed to spot sexual predators. Even some former victims have taken part in the program to help educate adults.
"If somebody is not behaving to that standard, a red flag is raised," said Larry Mulligan, one of the trainers.

So far, 11,000 Diocesan members have attended the training program. "This program is to have all of our adults form a net. On one side, people who may harm our children and on the other side is our children," said Mulligan.

In the training sessions, they teach you what to look for as adults interact with children. "You probably wouldn't be able to tell the individual unless you had some training," said Mulligan.

Posted by kshaw at April 15, 2005 07:27 AM