Comprehensive Selection of Shanley Documents

Over 1,600 pages of archdiocesan documents relating to Shanley were publicly filed in the Ford et al. v. Law et al. civil case. Below we provide a comprehensive selection from those voluminous files.

Shanley's Archdiocesan Assignment Record


Cardinal Cushing welcomed Shanley as a new priest and assigned him to St. Patrick's in Stoneham
February 9, 1960

Shanley was accused of abusing a 12-year-old boy at St. Patrick's in Stoneham and at Shanley's St. Francis rectory in Braintree
Abuse allegedly occurred from 1960 through about 1967; reported to the archdiocese July 28, 1993

Follow-up letter from the Stoneham victim
Abuse allegedly occurred from 1960 through about 1967; follow-up letter dated August 8, 1993

Confidential archdiocesan report on the allegation with an apparently earlier version of the same report
Abuse allegedly occurred from 1960 through about 1967; report dated September 27, 1993

Shanley is accused of abusing a boy at St. Patrick's in Stoneham and at a cabin in the Blue Hills, beginning when the boy was about 12 years old
Abuse allegedly occurred from 1960 through about 1966; claim is dated January 20, 1998


Shanley is accused of fondling an 11-year-old altar boy from St. Patrick's in Stoneham during an overnight at the Blue Hills cabin, and then abusing him repeatedly (including oral sex, digital penetration, and anal sex) during 1967-70 at Warwick House and after speaking engagements
Abuse allegedly occurred from 1963 through 1970; claim is dated January 20, 1998


Affidavit of Bryan Schultz alleging abuse by Shanley at St. Patrick's in Stoneham between 1965 and 1967
Alleged abuse occurred in 1965-67; affidavit dated July 15, 2003

Shanley is alleged to have had oral sex with a boy whom he took to the Blue Hills with the boy's friends
1960s; anonymous complaint was made on 12/10/93


Complaint to Boston archdiocese from Rev. Arthur Chabot that Shanley masturbated a boy in 1966 at a cabin in the Blue Hills

"Fr. Shanley's answer to the attached charge, accepted [by chancellor Sexton] as true"

Shanley's letter of denial to chancellor Sexton


Personal Data Form in which Shanley reports interest and experience in youth work and jokes about his lack of interest in being a bishop


Letter from the Association of Boston Urban Priests to their board members supporting Shanley's apostolate "in the drug field"
April 15, 1969

Letter from Shanley complaining about housing problems during his transition from parish work to his "alienated youth" apostolate
August 13, 1969

Letter from Cardinal Cushing appointing Shanley as technical assistant priest in residence at Warwick House
September 25, 1969


Letter from Cardinal Cushing ending Shanley's chaplaincy at Boston State College and making his apostolate with alienated youth full time
March 5, 1970

Later reference to Cushing's visiting "Father Paul Shanley's street kids"
Published in the Pilot [October 1995?]

Letter to Cushing from a Braintree woman, unaware that her son would allegedly be a Shanley victim, praising Shanley's ministry among boys and girls and decrying police treatment of Shanley
April 3, 1970

Letter to Cushing praising Shanley's Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday event in the Blue Hills for the "Street People"
April 14, 1970

Msgr. Finnegan describes how Shanley arranged his apostolate directly with Cushing
May 20, 1970

Shanley declines the invitation to Medeiros's installation and longs for the church to divest
September 24, 1970

Medeiros replies that the installation is a crucifixion and Shanley's absence will make it worse
September 28, 1970

Shanley is accused of anally raping a 15-year-old boy whose mother allowed him to accompany Shanley to Warwick House for a weekend counseling session
Abuse allegedly occurred in 1970; claim is dated January 20, 1998

Shanley is accused of anal rape and oral sodomy of a 15-year-old boy at Warwick House, a complaint sent to the archdiocesan lawyers and through them to Shanley himself. The boy was the son of the woman who wrote the April 3 letter of praise, above.
Fall 1970; complaint dated January 17, 1994

See also an earlier version of this complaint
Fall 1970; complaint dated September 27, 1993

and the settlement agreement in this case
Fall 1970; settlement concluded May 21, 1995

A boy answered Shanley's ad, was taken into the city by Shanley, and allegedly molested
1970-71; anonymous complaint was made on 3/7/94


Shanley urges a Braintree mother to send her son (allegedly already a victim of Shanley) to his Vermont farm
May 11, 1971

Lectures, TV and Radio Interviews [a list compiled by Shanley]
Undated, but not earlier than June 16, 1971

Shanley's secretary writes enthusiastically to Medeiros about Shanley's lectures and his farm in Vermont, which "is now closed"
November 30, 1971

Medeiros replies
December 2, 1971

Shanley's Christmas letter describing the 9/12/71 raid that closed "Rivendell" [introduces the newsletters that Shanley distributed in 1972-73, for which see below]
Undated ["Merry Christmas" at the top]


Shanley's secretary writes the archdiocese that he is no longer in Weston VT nor at Warwick House
January 7, 1972

Shanley is alleged to have anally raped a 13-year-old boy who contacted him because of Shanley's newspaper ad
1972; complaint dated March 27, 1995

The case was subsequently settled

Newsletter – During 1972 and early 1973, Shanley wrote a newsletter and distributed it to a mailing list with the help of his secretary, Eileen Mulcahy. Several hundred pages of this newsletter are preserved in archdiocesan files. See Shanley's introduction to this writing project, in his Christmas letter of 1971.
* Letter #3: The Hermit of Terrible Mountain or "The Street Priest" [Received March 8, 1972]
* Letter #4: Throwaways and Child of Clay
* Letter #6: My Route; Covering Letter; Letter #7: Language and Respect; Letter #8: Atheists and the Liturgy, and The Mountain, and The Holidays [Received May 16, 1972; incorrectly Bates-numbered in reverse order; sequence corrected here]
* Letter #9: Diane Has a Baby; Letter #9A: A Sermon [Incorrectly Bates-numbered in reverse order; sequence corrected here]
* Letter #10: Finale and A Prayer for Runaways [back-dated 5/1/70]; Letter #11: Communes [Bates order corrected]
* Letter #11: Methadone [Dated 4/72 from Albuquerque]

* [A long newsletter dated 7/1/72 is presented here in several smaller files for easier download.]
- Covering Letter; Notes from the Road; Half-Way Houses, Drop-In Centers, Hot Lines; Introductory Chapter on Drugs, Some Animadversions
- Introductory Chapter on Drugs [cont.]; Reputable Drug Firms; Doctors
- Doctors [cont.]; Drugs in 'Nam; Venereal Diseases; Speed Kills; Fraternizing with Insanity
- Hope [begins in the middle]; Reform Schools; The Last Vestige of Indentured Servitude in America: It's Schools; The Gay Kids; Patriotism [Bates order corrected and duplicate pages removed. There is a gap between these pages and the preceding batch; perhaps these pages are part of a different letter.]

* [A long newsletter dated 12/25/72 (received 2/1/73) is presented here in several parts.]
- Covering Letter: Emptiness; Conscientious Objectors; Paranois and Undercover Agents; Law and Order
- Law and Order [cont.]; A Letter from a Dear Friend and My Reply; History Repeats Itself? Predictions and Rumors
- Predictions and Rumors [cont.]

* [A long newsletter, undated but appearing after 2/21/73, is presented here in several parts.]
- Covering Letter; Parable
- Parable [cont.]
- Ex-Addicts


Medeiros expresses concern about statements Shanley made on a radio program
February 13, 1973

Shanley responds with a long letter on homosexuality, rock music, and ministering to the marginal, and ends with "to save you embarrassment, I have suspended my own faculties"
February 21, 1973

Shanley describes for Medeiros the many programs that Shanley could offer to gays if he had a building
September 1, 1973


Shanley writes to Medeiros about "the scope and complexity of the problems facing me in my ministry"
February 24, 1974

Thomas J. Flatley complains to Medeiros about Shanley
March 12, 1974

Shanley writes to Medeiros again, enclosing a donation to Peter's Pence collected during an Exodus Mass
March 12, 1974

Medeiros replies to Flatley
March 12, 1974

Draft of Medeiros's reply to Shanley
Undated [March 1974]

Medeiros replies to Shanley
March 22, 1974

Shanley's reply, analyzing "the Bishops' statement on ministry to homosexuals"
Undated [late March 1974?]


Shanley promotional letter asking for donations to Exodus Retreat House and Good Samaritan Inn (see brochure below)
Received at the Office of the Chancellor on May 7, 1975

Brochure of Exodus Retreat House and Good Samaritan Inn
Received at the Office of the Secretary on May 6, 1975

Flyer for Shanley's "Straight Talk about Gays" (also enclosed)
May 7, 1975

Mr. Thomas J. Flatley again complains to Medeiros about Shanley
May 7, 1975

Medeiros writes to his priests about homosexuality
June 10, 1975


Auxiliary Bishop Rausch, general secretary of the USCC, wrote to apologize to Medeiros for not consulting him before Shanley was appointed to the USCC National Young Adult Working Board
September 7, 1976

Letter from a Boston priest complaining about a promotional letter and flyer (see below) sent by Shanley about his tapes
October 4, 1976

Shanley's promotional letter about his tapes (see previous item)
Received at the Office of the Chancellor on October 6, 1976

Shanley's flyer on "Straight Talk about Gays" and "Counseling Parents of Gays"
Received at the Office of the Chancellor on October 6, 1976

Bishop Daily asks Hughes's advice about how to deal with the reaction to Shanley's mailing
October 7, 1976

Hughes advises a talk with Shanley and review of the tapes by some experts
October 12, 1976

Daily thanks Hughes for his advice
October 19, 1976

Medeiros replies to the priest who had complained
Undated [October 1976?]

Memo from Daily to Medeiros on his meeting with Shanley about his tapes, whereabouts, and theories about homosexuality
November 4, 1976

Memo from Bishop Daily to the archdiocesan personnel director on how to list Shanley's Exodus House assignment in the Catholic Directory
November 4, 1976

Response from archdiocesan personnel director on the Exodus House listing
November 10, 1976


Shanley tells Medeiros that he's accepted appointment to the USCC youth committee and asks why the archdiocese has begun a theological investigation of him
March 20, 1977

Medeiros replies that the appointment is in effect, the tapes were investigated last fall and "the material contained is the same as in the past," and "you already know from me that I do not agree with everything you say"
April 4, 1977

"Young Adult Personalities," including Shanley, in USCC's National Young Adult Reporter
Spring 1977

Medeiros's "Pastoral Letter Touching Upon the Reflections on The Service of Authority in the Church Today"
July 5, 1977

Shanley's flyer on his "Changing Norms of Sexuality" tapes
July 8, 1977

"Father Paul Shanley: 'Gays' Not Angry Enough," by John Dash in the Courier-Journal
October 12, 1977

"Speaker" notice, clergy conference on homosexuals in the Church, in the Courier-Journal
October 21, 1977

Complaint to Cardinal Medeiros by Jeanne D. Sweeney about Shanley speech in Rochester enclosing description
November 17, 1977

Enclosed account of speech delivered by Shanley in which he discussed homosexuality
October 4, 1977

Ryan briefs Bishop Daily on an inquiry from the chancellor of the Buffalo diocese after a speech by Shanley there
December 1, 1977

Bishop Daily's answer to Jeanne D. Sweeney's letter about Shanley's Rochester speech
December 2, 1977

Daily's Responses to Requests for Admissions acknowledge he was aware of Sweeney's letter and many other similar letters, beginning in 1973
Responses were filed January 21, 2003


Daily states that Medeiros has not assigned Shanley to Exodus Center
March 14, 1978

Cardinal Seper at the Vatican's CDF asks Medeiros to explain Shanley's "Changing Norms of Sexuality" tapes
November 14, 1978


"Comment and Analysis: Fr. Paul Shanley vs. Cardinal Medeiros," by John J. Graczak, Gay Community News
February 10, 1979, apparently received at the chancery April 9, 1979

An "anonymous elderly woman" calls the chancery to say "do not send Fr. Shanley back to Braintree"
February 12, 1979

Article in Gaysweek on Shanley speech at conference on man-boy love
February 12, 1979, apparently received at the chancery April 9, 1979

Deposition of Dr. Edwin H. Cassem regarding Shanley conference statement and other matters (excerpts)
Deposition taken on May 20 and 21, 2003

Letter from Cardinal Medeiros to Vatican about Shanley, homosexuality, and seminaries
February 12, 1979

Medeiros replies to Shanley - "I shall pass over in amazed but laughable silence the threats you invoke against me"
Undated rough draft [February 1979]

Trying to place Shanley in a parish – his preferences, pastors' reluctance, possible position in Holland, excardination, and lend-lease
March 5, 1979

Trying to place Shanley - pastors' reservations, one of them confidential; Shanley's talks and sexual minorities work; Marian High School possibility; Shanley's plans to make pastor
March 12, 1979

Trying to place Shanley, who is "very upset" when a pastor changes his mind and refuses him
On or before March 27, 1979

Seper's response to Medeiros' letter about Shanley
March 27, 1979

Trying to place Shanley - pastor "is saying no to Paul Shanley. He doesn't feel Paul would fit in to their staff"
March 27, 1979

Letter from NY lawyer alerts Cardinal Medeiros to enclosed articles (see Gay Community News and Gaysweek items above) about Medeiros and Shanley
April 2, 1979

A tolerant internal assessment of Shanley's tapes, including their doctrinal status, commissioned by Medeiros
April 5, 1979

Draft of the Medeiros letter to Shanley with passages on homosexuality and obedience added in Medeiros' handwriting
April 12, 1979

Cardinal Medeiros' letter to Shanley confirming the end of his ministry to homosexuals and his appointment to St. Jean's in Newton
April 12, 1979

"Priest's Transfer Indicates Strife on Homosexuality," by George Vecsey, New York Times
April 25, 1979

Medeiros updates Seper on Shanley at St. Jean's
July 4, 1979

Shanley asks why he is not allowed to apply for other archdiocesan positions, and notes that he was dropped from the 1979 Official Catholic Directory
September 28, 1979

Shanley writes to Bishop Daily about saying Mass for Dignity, the freeze on his applying for archdiocesan positions, and being "restored to the book of life, The Kennedy Directory"
September 28, 1979

Daily replies that "I would much prefer to speak with you" and invites Shanley to a meeting at the chancery
October 15, 1979

Daily reports to Medeiros on that meeting and Shanley's dissatisfaction with Daily's position on the group Dignity
November 7, 1979


Promotional letter from Shanley to priests, enclosing brochure (see next item) about Exodus Center
Received at Office of the Chancellor on October 22, 1980

Brochure about Exodus Center
Mailed October 21, 1980


Affidavit of man who alleges Shanley abused him while driving him to a boy's home
Abuse allegedly occurred in 1981; affidavit was made July 16, 2003

Deposition of Jacqueline Gauvreau detailing the 1981 incident and the two occasions on which she reported it to Law (excerpts)
Abuse allegedly occurred in 1981; deposition was taken October 25, 2002

Archdiocesan notes on an interview with Jacqueline Gauvreau about Shanley's alleged abuse of a boy in 1981
Date unknown–pertains to alleged abuse in 1981


"Rev. Shanley lectures at B.C.," in the Newton News-Tribune
March 22, 1982

"A tart exchange between assistant personnel director Oates and Shanley about the title given for Shanley in the 3/22/82 article above
April 2-15, 1982

Efforts by Bishop Daily to discourage Jacqueline Gauvreau's reporting of alleged abuse by Shanley
December 20, 1982


Letter to Medeiros asking whether Shanley represented him at the founding conference of NAMBLA
Received May 5, 1983

Another letter to Medeiros about NAMBLA, citing Brownfeld's Homosexual Network
Received July 5, 1983

Letter from Bishop Daily, appointing Shanley administrator of St. Jeans
November 4, 1983


Letter from Law naming Shanley pastor of St. Jean's in Newton
December 11, 1984


Bishop Tschoepe thanks Cardinal Law for allowing Shanley to lecture in the Dallas diocese
February 12, 1985

Complaint to Cardinal Law from Wilma M. Higgs about another Shanley speech in Rochester
April 29, 1985

Letter from McCormack to Higgs regretting that she was disturbed by Shanley's talk
May 15, 1985

Letter from McCormack asking whether Shanley would "care to comment" on Wilma Higg's complaint
June 4, 1985

McCormack's note (handwritten at bottom of letter) after he and Shanley discussed Higgs
June 4, 1985

McCormack's Responses to Plaintiffs' Requests for Admissions regarding the Higgs correspondence and other matters
Filed January 6, 2003

Law is deposed on the Higgs correspondence and other matters (excerpts)
Deposition started on June 5, 2002

Law files Responses to Plaintiffs' Requests for Admissions
Filed May 31, 2002


Bryan Schultz, who alleges abuse by Shanley, wrote to Law, identified himself as a victim of several unnamed Boston priests, and asked Law to meet with him
July 10, 1986

In his evasive reply, Law's secretary, Rev. William M. Helmick, ignored Schultz's suggestion of a meeting
August 19, 1986

Schultz writes again to Law, criticizing Helmick's response to his initial letter
August 25, 1986

Helmick is deposed regarding his response to Schultz (excerpts)
Deposition was taken May 22, 2002 and October 9, 2002


Bishop Banks notes a complaint against Shanley that he "came on" to a mental patient, but Banks noted that "there really was nothing I could do"
March 1988

Bishop Banks is deposed about the incident with the mental patient
Incident occurred in March 1988; deposition occurred on November 7, 2002


Shanley's letter of resignation to Law, suggesting the terms of his leave and asking for "a letter of good standing"
November 21, 1989

"Controversial Priest Leaves Newton Parish," by Gloria Negri, Boston Globe
December 6, 1989

"'60s 'street priest' leaves Newton parish," by Kathryn Marchocki
December 6 [?], 1989

Law's letter accepting Shanley's resignation as pastor of St. Jean's and praising Shanley's "integrity and thoughtfulness" and his "impressive record"
December 7, 1989


Bishop Banks recommends Shanley to the San Bernardino diocese as a "priest in good standing"
January 16, 1990

Lennon officially certifies that Shanley is a priest in good standing
January 18, 1990

Memo to McCormack from his deputy Rev. James J. McCarthy on the terms of Shanley's leave, with notes
February 2, 1990

McCormack's reply regarding the terms of Shanley's leave
February 6, 1990

McCarthy is deposed on the terms of Shanley's leave (excerpts)
Deposition was taken on September 25, 2002

Letter from Shanley to McCormack on "diocesan intrigues" in San Bernardino, on expenses, and on "the inexcusable mistake of falling in love with my parishioners - it's a time of grieving"
March 19, 1990

Reply by McCormack to Shanley's 3/19/90 letter; McCormack senses "the loneliness that comes with leaving a parish where you and the parishioners have meant much to each other"
April 4, 1990

Shanley's letter to McCormack requesting medical retirement and weekend supply status
May 13, 1990

Shanley asks for extension of his leave and says that a Msgr. Hart from Boston is warning California priests about Shanley
November 20, 1990

McCormack to Bishop Hughes with Hughes's written confirmation – recommend we extend Shanley's sick leave for a year; "if he came back, I do not know what we would do with him"; McCormack broaches visit and Shanley's seeking "a pastoral assignment out there"
December 11, 1990

Law's letter to Shanley extending his sick leave
December 11, 1990


Letter from Shanley thanking McCormack for his visit to the "wild west"
March 14, 1991, apparently misdated by Shanley (see chancery stamp)

Notes likely by McCormack about his visit to Shanley, scenarios for Shanley's living arrangements, and Shanley as Thomas More
Undated [mid-March 1991?]

Rev. McCormack calls Shanley "a sick person" in a letter to Bishop Hughes
December 9, 1991

Note from Ryan to McCormack with memo to Bishop Hughes (see next item) attached
December 23, 1991

Memo from Ryan to Bishop Hughes mentioning a "potential AWOL situation" and noting that Shanley has not been seen at Our Lady of Solitude in over a year
December 23, 1991


Sr. Mulkerrin's handwritten notes on allegations against Shanley brought by a victim's mother – initial discussion had occurred on 9/10/93, as described in Mulkerrin's 10/29/05 memo (see below)
October 1, 1993

McCormack's notes for belatedly revealing to the bishop of San Bernardino Shanley's prior history
October 4, 1993

Notes (by McCormack?) on lack of charitable immunity in California and need for Shanley's return to Boston – but "where can we house Paul??"
Undated [Fall 1993?]

McCormack's notes on allegation, legal representation, Shanley's return, and "no past record"
October 8, 1993

McCormack's notes "give Paul Shanley copy of allegation send to Campion"
October 10, 1993

The San Bernardino vicar general Webber spoke to Shanley and concluded "no misconduct there"
October 12, 1993

Early notes on the Braintree runaway who was sent to Shanley by his mother and abused by the priest
October 19, 1993

Sr. Mulkerrin's memo on the allegation against Shanley brought by a mother who was fulfilling a promise to her son on his deathbed
October 29, 1993

Ad in the Braintree Forum newspaper – "REMEMBER Father Paul S . . .?" – clipped sent to McCormack by Rev. Kevin J. Deeley of ministerial personnel
November 3, 1993; clipped November 10, 1993

McCormack's more developed notes on Shanley's Institute of Living visit (to enter 11/16/93), living arrangements at Our Lady of Victories afterward, and "don't dispute the substance"
November 5, 1993 [incorrectly dated 1985]

Invoice showing when Shanley stayed at the Campion Center during his Institute of Living trip
November 9, 1993

Arrangement for attorney Timothy P. O'Neill to represent Shanley in "recent allegations against you"
November 10, 1993

Letter from Shanley about the church's "support during the worst days of my life" and a note from McCormack confirming the dates of the two-week Institute of Living visit
November 17, 1993

Memo from Rev. Msgr. William Murphy arranging that funds for Shanley's legal defense be recognized as "not from the Archdiocese but that the loan is being made out of a special fund" (i.e., the Clergy Assistance Fund)
November 22, 1993

McCormack's detailed notes on conversation with Shanley's lawyer on liability, warehousing, "not being @ risk" according to Institute of Living, "cooperation is 100%," and "crimes 25 yrs old"
December 3, 1993

McCormack's summary of Shanley's case (including two accusations) to the Review Board after Shanley was recalled from California
December 6, 1993

McCormack's notes on an anonymous complaint against Shanley by a man who alleged abuse by Shanley at the Blues Hills cabin in the 1960s
December 10, 1993

Cryptic notes on alleged abuse by Shanley at St. Patrick's in Stoneham
December 13, 1993

Invoice showing when Shanley stayed at the Our Lady of Victories during his Institute of Living trip
December 30, 1993


Shanley's letter to McCormack discussing a "safe-house for 'warehoused' priests"
January 16, 1994

McCormack's reply about safe houses and a possible move by Shanley to Costa Rica or Mexico – "it is wonderful how you maintain your sense of humor in the midst of your difficulties, Paul"
January 24, 1994

McCormack instructs Lennon to keep Shanley's new address a secret, but does not mention that 930 Parocela Place is the clothing-optional Cabana Club Resort
February 14, 1994

Archdiocesan notes on Institute of Living assessment of Shanley who admits to "sexual activity with 4 adolescent males"
March 3, 1994

McCormack's confidential summary for the Review Board of the accusations and Shanley's version of his sexual activities
March 7, 1994

McCormack's notes on a complaint by "John" about abuse by Shanley in 1970-71 at Warwick House
March 12, 1994

Review Board recommends that Shanley live out of state with certain provisions
October 3, 1994


Description of Leo House

Miceli memo to Lennon confirming Shanley's residence in NYC
February 27, 1995

Flatley to Shanley, enclosing a new accusation of abuse
April 12, 1995

Letter from Shanley informing archdiocese that he's at Leo House
June 7, 1995

Archdiocesan notes about Shanley's job at Leo House, which would violate a July 1 deadline agreed on with an alleged victim
June 26, 1995

Flatley memo to Law about Shanley as possible director of Leo House, Cardinal O'Connor's misgivings, and Shanley's "not very positive" 1993 assessment at the Institute of Living
September 13, 1995

Flatley memo to NY archdiocesan official mentioning four complainants and stating that Shanley's past history came to be known to the Boston archdiocese in 1993
September 13, 1995

Flatley letter asking Shanley to comment on Flatley's summary of a visit to Shanley at Leo House
September 21, 1995

Flatley's summary, attached to the previous letter
September 19, 1995

Shanley's reply, alluding to his own abuse "by the predecessor of one of the two Cardinals who now debate my fate"
September 25, 1995

Flatley's final summary of the meeting at Leo House, with revisions suggested by Shanley
October 10, 1995

Rev. Msgr. Murphy's description of the Clergy Assistance Trust for priests with allegations
October 26, 1995

Law letter to Shanley about Shanley's "tumultuous year" and the alleged victim who monitors him
November 20, 1995

Letter from Sr. Karlin of Leo House to Law about "this time-bomb"
December 14, 1995


Letter from Flatley to NY archdiocesan official attaching memo and copy of letter to Shanley
January 25, 1996

Flatley memo to file about Shanley's roommate at Leo House and an alleged victim's concerns about Shanley as possible director
January 25, 1996

Toned-down letter from Flatley to Shanley himself
January 25, 1996

Settlement agreement in case of alleged abuse by Shanley
February 18, 1996

Letter from Law to Shanley granting him senior priest/retirement status for his "impressive record"
February 29, 1996

Flatley jokes to his counterpart in NYC that Shanley "certainly manages to keep things interesting!"
February 29, 1996

Shanley to Flatley (replying to Flatley's 1/25/96 letter, see above) on alleged homosexuality at Leo House and the restrictions placed on him
March 2, 1996

Shanley writes to McCarthy, director of ministerial personnel, to acknowledge Law's 2/29/96 letter, and also to invite McCarthy to Leo House – "I ... will keep a bed warm for you and a light in the window"
March 3, 1996

Flatley's response to Shanley's 3/2/96 letter
March 8, 1996

Shanley teases Bishop Murphy – "I knew how resourceful the Cardinal was but imagine this ingenuity: when you have two priests with the same name make one a bishop"
March 25, 1996


Delegate Murphy writes Shanley about a victim concerned regarding Shanley's presence at Leo House, about another victim who has come forward but "does not want to pursue the matter," and about the undocumented nature of Shanley's arrangements at Leo House
May 27, 1997

Shanley writes back and discusses the two victims, how he came to Leo House, and what the current situation is there
June 1, 1997

Letter from lawyer Hardoon about his client's concerns regarding Shanley at Leo House
June 18, 1997

Memo telling Law that Cardinal O'Connor has rejected the proposal that Shanley become director of Leo House
June 18, 1997

Law's letter endorsing Shanley for director, not sent because O'Connor decided against it
June 12, 1997

Abuse delegate Murphy informs Shanley that some of the restrictions on him have been lifted
September 6, 1997

Shanley asks Murphy to inform him if an alleged victim again contacts the archdiocese, and "if you need to stash a priest, I could probably help"
October 15, 1997


The Boston archdiocese received three complaints of sexual abuse committed during 1960-70 {1}{2}{3}
January 20, 1998

One of the three settlements of complaints dated 1/20/98
June 26, 1998

Shanley is notified about the settlements
July 13, 1998

Shanley replies
July 18, 1998

Murphy memo to file regarding anonymous call complaining about Shanley's placement at Leo House and his transfer back to the west coast
November 23, 1998


Abuse delegate Murphy informs Shanley that additional allegations against him have been received
March 3, 1999

Abuse delegate Murphy writes to Bishop Murphy and Miceli that "Paul has a significant history of sexual misconduct, with both adolescent and adult males" and supports placement at Regina Cleri
March 16, 1999


Shanley was deposed and took the fifth (excerpts)
Deposition was taken on December 9, 2002


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