Rev. Patrick G. O'Donnell—Assignment Record

Summary of Case: Removed from ministry in 1985. Abused at least 65 boys in the 1970s-80s in Spokane and Seattle. Worked as a psychologist for teens in Bellevue after leaving the active priesthood. Sanctioned in 1984 for abuse while a priest. Sanctions lifted in 1986. Psycholoy license permanently removed in January 2004. At least two victims died by suicide. Named in new suit filed February 2008 by four people. Admitted guilt and settled November 2008 for $5M; unable to pay. Two plaintiffs settled before May 2009 trial; last two plaintiffs settled during trial. Settlements in May 2012. Name included on archdiocese's list of credibly accused in January 2016. In 2019 living in Mt. Vernon, WA.

: May 29, 1971


Start Stop Parish Town State Position Notes


6/73 St. Peter's Spokane WA 2/2, Assistant Pastor. Priests were Rev. Joseph Brunner and O'Donnell.

In the Spokane diocese.

Parish school had 213 pupils.

1/72 1973 Diocesan Youth Activities Spokane WA Assistant Director.  
1972 1973 Bishop White Seminary Spokane WA 3/3. Priests were Revs. John P. Donnelly, George Haspedis, and O'Donnell.

Seminary had 31 students in 1972-73.

The 1973 Directory indexes O'Donnell to this address and lists him at the seminary, not calling him in residence. But in his Boy Scout listing, he is shown as residing at the seminary.

4/72   Boy Scouts Spokane WA Diocesan Chaplain.  
6/73 9/73 St. Augustine's Spokane WA Assistant Pastor. The 1973 Directory does not list O'Donnell here or at St. Mary's (see next entry). Instead, he is listed at Bishop White Seminary.
9/73 8/74 St. Mary's Spokane WA 2/2, Assistant Pastor. Priests were Revs. Walter F. Abel and O'Donnell. Parish school had 221 pupils in 1973-74.
8/74 1976 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Spokane WA 2/2, Assistant Pastor. Priests were Revs. William S. Skylstad and O'Donnell. In the 1977 Directory, Skylstad and O'Donnell are both gone, Skylstad to become chancellor and O'Donnell indexed to the chancery, where he continues to be listed as Boy Scout director. That listing has him residing at Assumption, but he is not listed at the church. However, he is listed at St. Paul's in Seattle (see next entry).

Parish school had 220 pupils in 1974-75.


1976 1978 St. Paul's Seattle WA 3/3, 4/4. Priests were Revs. Gerard F. Lovett, John W. Clark, and O'Donnell. In 1977, the lineup became Revs. Lovett, Ronald W. Knudsen, James Deady, and O'Donnell. When O'Donnell arrived, Lovett was assistant director of Catholic Children's Services.

Seattle archdiocese.

Parish school had 260 pupils.

This listing in the 1977 and 1978 Directories (data collected in Fall 1976 and 1977), is inconsistent with the 2002 summary in the Spokane diocesan newspaper, which states that O'Donnell went to Seattle in late 1978.

1976 1978  U.S.Veteran's Hospital  Seattle WA    Reportedly said masses here on Saturdays. 
1976 1978Family Counseling Services Seattle WA Intern. Seattle archdiocese
1978 1979 Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes Spokane WA 5/5. Priests were Revs. Bernard L. Schiller, Paul S. Vevik, Msgr. Oakley F. O'Connor; and in residence, Revs. John M. Steiner and O'Donnell. Steiner was chancellor and director of liturgy. Schiller was director of Legion of Mary. This assignment, listed in the 1979 Directory (data collected in Fall 1978), is not consistent with the 2002 summary in the Spokane diocesan newspaper, which states that O'Donnell was in Seattle until late 1979.
9/79 5/85 Holy Rosary Rosalia WA 1/1. Pastor.  
9/79 5/85 St. Catherine of Alexandria Oakesdale WA 1/1. Pastor. Mission of Holy Rosary in Rosalia.
9/79 5/85 Immaculate Conception Garfield WA 1/1. Pastor. Mission of Holy Rosary in Rosalia.
5/85 11/85 St. John Vianney Spokane WA



O'Donnell is not indexed or listed in the 1986 Directory (data gathered in Fall 1985).

Parish school had 173 students in 1985-86.

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