May 23, 2006

Catholic properties back in church hands

The Gulf News

The Gulf News

By the end of the month, Catholic properties along the southwest coast will once again be safe under the ownership of St. Georgeís Diocese.

Bishop Douglas Crosby said the diocese has raised enough money through donations from across the country ó about $5 million ó to buy back the properties at their fair market value.

Itís the news that parishioners like Marlene Augustus of Ramea and Madonna Hynes of the Codroy Valley have been waiting for.

And still are.

Both Mrs. Augustus and Ms. Hynes say they havenít received confirmation from the diocese that the church properties are safe. ...

The next court-ordered payment of $3.75 million to the sexual abuse victims of former priest Kevin Bennett is due in July. They were awarded a $13 million settlement after the priest was convicted of molesting boys in various churches.

About $5 million of the total amount has been paid to date.The final two payments come due in July 2007 and January 2008.

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