May 22, 2006

Church Responds to Sexual Abuse Charges Regarding Former Pastor

First Coast News

By Angela Williams
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Some say it's a safe haven of worship, and now the ministry of Trinity Baptist Church assures their members they are just that.

During evening service, which is broadcast on the church's website, the church's General Counsel, Attorney David Gibbs III, spoke to the congregation about the latest allegations surrounding former pastor, Dr. Robert Gray.

"With the criminal allegations that have been made against Dr. Gray, the pastor and the deacons want to assure you that they take these allegations very seriously," says Gibbs.

Captial Sexual Battery charges were brought forth by women accusing Dr. Gray of molesting them when they were young.

Gray is credited with founding Trinity Baptist College in 1974, but the progress of the ministry at the college was delayed when he retired.

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