May 21, 2006

Member: Church Knew About Molestation Allegations

First Coast News

By Victor Blackwell
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- For nearly 40 years, Dr. Robert Gray clasped his hands to lead members of Trinity Baptist Church in prayer. Now those same hands are cuffed as he's being arrested.

Dr. Gray faces Capital Sexual Battery charges.

At least six women say Dr. Gray molested them when they were just girls and he was an administrator at Trinity Christian Academy

"It finally came out, said a man who says hes been a member of Trinity Baptist Church for more than 30 years. Well call him John.

"Some of the deacons knew, the pastor knew," said John. "I've know it for years, but it was just kind of covered up, swept under the rug by everybody in charge, he added.

John remembers a Wednesday night service back in the late eighties. He says pastor at the time, stood in front the congregation and told hundreds of members about those allegations.

"Then, Brother Gray mentioned that he categorically denied all charges, said John.

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