May 18, 2006

Archdiocese Hires Investigator Following I-Team Report


Reported by: 9News
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First posted: 5/17/2006 3:30:43 PM

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has hired an investigator to look into issues raised by Channel 9's I-Team in a Sunday night report.

In the report, Alex Henties, an ex-convict hired to run background checks on Archdiocese workers, claims Archdiocese official Vince Frasher has "about 2,200 nude photos" of Henties.

Henties, who has a long criminal record involving drug, domestic violence and theft charges, once said, "[Frasher] has screwed me up time and time again... he sold me time and time again. There's a sick man."

Also, Henties' father and brother told the I-Team that Frasher sexually abused Henties when he was young.

The Archdiocese says it has a hand-written letter from Henties, dated April 28, 2006, which states "I have never been abused in such a way as this and have never been abused by Vince what so ever or at all."

The Archdiocese has hired a private investigator to probe further, according to a news release e-mailed Wednesday afternoon.

Posted by kshaw at May 18, 2006 05:41 AM