May 12, 2006

News of priest's conviction satisfies some residents, disappoints others

Toledo Blade


Harold Workman, who closely followed the trial of Catholic priest Gerald Robinson for the murder of a nun more than 26 years ago, was pleased yesterday that a religious vocation did not mean an automatic acquittal.

"A lady was killed, she was dehumanized in a ritualistic way, and someone should pay," said Mr. Workman, a maintenance worker at Toledo Hospital.

"I don't care if he has a collar. He was the only one in the area."

Reaction among the lunch crowd to the guilty verdict shortly before noon was mixed, but many people expressed satisfaction, even joy, when the decision against Robinson was announced.

Gyasi Pullum, a technician who works downtown, said he was not surprised by the verdict, even though the jury reached its decision in less than six and a half hours.

Posted by kshaw at May 12, 2006 07:44 AM