May 09, 2006

SNAP Founder Says Chet Warren Remains a Threat

Court TV

By Seamus McGraw

May 9, 2006

TOLEDO, Ohio (Crime Libarary) He was dismissed from his order a decade ago, and though Chet Warren has never been formally expelled from the priesthood, he has been barred from performing any of his clerical duties within the Toledo Diocese. In an almost unprecedented step, the Bishop years ago denounced him from the pulpit, and the church has even gone so far as to warn parochial school principals last year to steer clear of a tutoring service run by a woman with links to him. In the years since the allegations against him first surfaced, he has been the subject of news articles, and even a casual search of the Internet turns up an armload of stories and blogs detailing three decades of allegations of his sexual abuse of children.

In short, the man who still calls himself Father Chet Warren, and who still enjoys the support of many in the diocese, may well be the most heavily publicized suspected pedophile in Ohio, perhaps even the country. Warren, who is living in enforced retirement in Sylvania, Ohio, could not be reached for comment.

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