April 29, 2006

House Delays Vote On Sex Abuse Bill


(AP) DENVER The Colorado House delayed a final vote Friday on a proposal allowing people to file lawsuits based on old allegations of sexual abuse, unsure if there is enough support for approval after the bill was overhauled in the Senate.

Rep. Gwen Green, D-Golden, asked House members to go to a conference committee to talk about differences in the two measures. Green said a lot of members felt like they hadn't had enough time to review amendments made by the Senate, which passed the bill Thursday.

"This gives them sufficient time to look at the changes," she said.

The proposal (House Bill 1090) would allow people to file lawsuits based on alleged sex abuse until their 53rd birthday. Currently, accusers can't file lawsuits after they turn 24.

Posted by kshaw at April 29, 2006 08:32 AM