April 25, 2006

St. Anne's priest talks about sexual abuse allegations against former colleague


Last updated: Monday, Apr 24, 2006 - 06:16:15 pm PDT

Father Thomas Hayes of St. Anne's Catholic Church in Lodi discussed allegations of sexual abuse of a child by the late Associate Pastor Murty Fahy today with News-Sentinel staff writer Ross Farrow.

Fahy, who died in 2001, has been accused of sexually abusing a St. Anne's School student in the mid-1990s.

Stockton Diocese Bishop Stephen Blaire issued a statement that was read at all St. Anne's Masses on Sunday and released to the media the same day.

Q: When did you learn that someone had accused Father Fahy of sexual abuse with a child?

A: All I got was the thing from the bishop (that was released Sunday).

Posted by kshaw at April 25, 2006 08:17 AM