April 22, 2006

Alleged victim says abuse by nuns 'not being addressed'

Renew America

Matt C. Abbott
April 21, 2006

Mary C. Dunford, an alleged victim of sexual abuse by a nun, would like more attention to be paid to the victim-survivors of abuse by women religious.

States Dunford (edited):

"I believe there are a number of reasons why abuse by nuns is not in the public eye and not being addressed. Taboos against believing female abuse exists and, most especially, female abuse by nuns; and statutes of limitation laws which, after brief period of time, keep victims from bringing charges. Typically victims don't understand that they were abused, nor do they realize the extent of the damage until well into adulthood different for each victim. The Catholic Church actively lobbies against any change in these laws.

"Another reason is that nuns are not held accountable. Bishops refuse to take any responsibility for them or their behavior. Nuns are accountable only to their own orders' provincials and to some obscure body in Rome. At the time of the Dallas Charter, nuns, according to Archbishop Harry Flynn, refused en masse to be included in the 'strictures' of the Charter. They self-govern, self investigate, and self determine the credibility and consequences of each accusation."

Posted by kshaw at April 22, 2006 06:46 AM