April 19, 2006

Moving scenes at prayer service for sex abuse victims

Western People

The special prayer service of Atonement and Healing for the effects of sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse, within the Catholic Church was held in the parish church in Castlebar on Palm Sunday last.
The ceremony was very moving yet difficult for many people to hear how far reaching the effects of abuse has on survivors of the abuse. The introduction to the Service referred to the need for the Church to pay heed to “abuse caused by lay members of the Church as well as to those abused by clergy or religious”.
It also said, “A great and terrible wrong has been committed by some people who are members of our community of Faith, against innocent and blameless people of all ages. Sexual abuse, and indeed other abuse, is a grave breach of trust, a serious crime and an outrage. We, the community, need to acknowledge the wrongdoing, and we must unwaveringly place our primary focus, care and concern on the survivors of this abuse”.

Posted by kshaw at April 19, 2006 01:22 PM