April 18, 2006

28 names added to list of accused abusers

Chicago Tribune

Published April 18, 2006

A Boston-based group pushing for more public access to information on the clergy sexual abuse crisis said Monday that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago had published an incomplete list of clergy accused of sexually abusing minors and offered a roster with 28 additional names.

The alternative list released by BishopAccountability.org includes 13 religious order priests, one deacon, three extern clergy, four priests accused posthumously, three priests accused of sexual misconduct with adults and one resigned priest for whom an allegation was never substantiated by the church.

It also includes three priests still under church investigation, including Rev. Daniel McCormack, the West Side pastor charged with three counts of sexually abusing children. The archdiocese disclosed a list of 55 priests March 20, the same day it announced that independent auditors had found more than 30 missteps in the church's handling of the McCormack allegations.

The archdiocese said at the time that it would not name priests who were accused posthumously and did not have a chance to answer the allegations.

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