April 17, 2006

Local Priest Accused of Sexual Harassment


A local priest and the Archbishop are named in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Friday afternoon, court papers were filed against Father John MacQuarrie. He's pastor at the Transfiguration Catholic Church in West Milton. A former female co-worker accuses Father MacQuarrie of sexual harassment while she worked with him at the church. Father MacQuarrie declined comment on camera, but tells 2News the charges are false. Parishioners say they are surprised by the news.

"Here this is a small town," said Lea Dean, a church member. "I didn't think anything would be going on here."

"It's disturbing but it's not true," said Bob Bulter, a church member. "I mean I don't think it's true."

Posted by kshaw at April 17, 2006 07:22 AM