April 12, 2006

Imesch disrupted at Mass

The Herald News

By Ted Slowik
staff writer

JOLIET A protester disrupted a Holy Week service at the Cathedral of St. Raymond on Monday night as Joliet Bishop Joseph Imesch honored two clerics accused of sexual abuse of minors.

Lee Schulz of Elwood said he stood up and criticized Imesch because of how the bishop has handled cases of priests who sexually abused children.

"I publicly interrupted Imesch last night with hopes of encouraging others to make their voices heard. It is time for the silence to end," Schulz said.

Ushers escorted Schulz from the cathedral, telling him it was neither the time nor the place to cause a disruption, he said.

"I politely disagreed, saying that it is time for the faithful of God to make a stand for righteousness," Schulz said.

Posted by kshaw at April 12, 2006 07:58 AM