April 08, 2006

Gumbleton: Forgiveness, accountability are linked

Midland Daily News

Midland Daily News 04/08/2006

During an April 2 address in Midland about sexual abuse, a retired Catholic bishop used words written by the late Pope John Paul II regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton referred to John Paul's statement which described a "shattered moral order" that calls for a "response that combines justice and forgiveness."

Gumbleton spoke to about 150 people at Blessed Sacrament Church for a service to seek healing and prayerfully address the scandal within the Catholic Church.

"From our own hearts, we must learn to reach out to forgive rather than to hold a spirit of vengeance, resentment or even hatred. (But) to reach out in forgiveness does not exclude, in fact it must be accompanied by, holding people accountable and struggling to make that happen," Gumbleton said.

Gumbleton's retirement as an assistant to Cardinal Adam Maida in the Archdiocese of Detroit was accepted in late January by Pope Benedict XVI. The announcement came weeks after Gumbleton called for state legislatures to remove time limits on lawsuits against the Catholic Church for alleged sexual abuse. Gumbleton also disclosed that he, as a teen, had been inappropriately touched by a priest. Officials have said that Gumbleton's retirement wasn't linked to his announcements.

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