April 05, 2006

Rally held for abuse victims

Culpeper Star Exponent

Liz Mitchell - Staff Writer
Culpeper Star Exponent
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Eight and a half years ago, Josh Shifflett left Calvary Baptist Church, which he said made him look like an enemy and estranged him from his brother and pastor, Charles Shifflett.

Until now, Josh Shifflett has been hesitant to speak on his brother’s case - who faces charges of child abuse and endangerment for incidents that occurred nearly 20 years ago at the church and its private K-12 school.

But when a local resident organized a Tuesday morning rally to support those who have accused Charles Shifflett of physical and sexual abuse, Josh Shifflett felt compelled to address the nationwide problem of abused and neglected children.

“It’s about child abuse. It’s not about Charles Shifflett,” Josh Shifflett said. “There is enough pressure on them from the outside world without having to worry about those they trust.

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