April 03, 2006

'Epistles on clergy abuse'

Renew America

Matt C. Abbott
April 2, 2006

Vincent J. Nauheimer, whose son was molested by a priest of the New York archdiocese, has published a book titled Epistles on Clergy Abuse, which can be purchased here. The following is the preface of Nauheimer's book.


Michael, tell me about Moral Relativism?



Because, you will only figure out how to use what I say in your efforts to destroy my church!

Michael, I am not trying to destroy your church. The Catholic Church is doing an excellent job of destroying itself. I am only providing a running commentary.

And after a long thoughtful pause Michael said: "I guess you're right. What is it you want to know?"

This was an actual conversation that I had with an ex-seminarian friend who is still a very devout Catholic. He is also one of the brightest, most intellectual, and philosophically astute people I know. It is a fitting opening because it defines the spirit in which my letters and this book were written. This work is a chronological history, through letters, of what has become known as the Infamous Clergy Abuse Scandal. Its purpose is to provide a running record of the destruction caused by an arrogant hierarchy who with unparalleled hypocrisy covered up their own evil with the excuse: "We are protecting the church."

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