March 30, 2006

Rose named to archdiocesan committee

Mundelein Review


Mundelein Police Chief Ray Rose is one of several members serving on an Ad Hoc committee created by the Archdiocese of Chicago that will review the "retrospective 'lessons learned' audit" conducted by Defenbaugh and Associates.

The independent audit examined the Archdiocese's handling of the allegations of sexual abuse with a minor against Father Daniel McCormack and Father Joseph Bennett.

Archdiocese spokesman Jim Dwyer said the committee will advise the Archdiocese on the implementation of the recommendations.

"We assembled a good group to perform an independent review," he said. "We want to maintain the momentum of the report."

Dwyer said the group assembled, which includes children's welfare advocates, a circuit court judge, an attorney who represents victims of sexual abuse, the vice chair of Catholic Charities, a financial analyst and a news and information officer for Notre Dame, was chosen for its diversity and commitment to see that Archdiocese policies are properly implemented.

Posted by kshaw at March 30, 2006 08:48 AM