March 28, 2006

Ohio urged to keep window for suits open

Toledo Blade


COLUMBUS - Saying he would sue today the postman neighbor who sexually assaulted him 38 years ago if he could, former NFL offensive lineman Roy Simmons yesterday urged state lawmakers not to gut a bill that would grant that right to Ohioans in similar situations.

"Why is there a statute of limitations that protects child molesters?" he asked. "All they have to do is bank on the silence of a child. But there is no statute of limitations on the pain and the suffering that a kid goes through who's been sexually assaulted."

From the high of several seasons playing for the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, culminating in a Super Bowl XVIII appearance in 1984, to the lows of crack addiction and HIV infection, the openly gay 49-year-old Savannah, Ga. native said he still struggles with what happened to him at age 11. ...

Supporters of the window have portrayed it as providing a way of using the lawsuit discovery process to force the Catholic Church to open its records, potentially revealing how much the church knew of abuse by its priests and perhaps identifying others who still have access to children.

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