March 27, 2006

Staring abuse straight in the face

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Posted: March 26, 2006
Second of two parts

On a warm day in June 1997, two middle-aged deaf men drove to the lake cottage of a Catholic priest who molested them decades before, when they were in grade school.

Flooded with memories and anger, they drove around for more than an hour looking for the place Father Lawrence Murphy had been allowed to retire more than 20 years earlier.

Finally they saw the lake, and the house came into view.

Both men jumped out of the car. Arthur Budzinski held a video camera, and Robert Bolger ran up to the door of the cottage, knocked and rang the doorbell. They saw Murphy by the side of the house, wearing a white T-shirt and pants, hurrying to get inside.

"I told Father Murphy, 'You turn yourself in to the police,' " said Bolger, now 62. "We went to the cottage with the goal to confront him and force him to go to the police department and apologize for what he did to our lives."

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