March 26, 2006

Manchester Diocese focuses on recruitment

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

MANCHESTER, N.H.ó Recruiting men to embrace a way of life foreign to modern society isnít a job for a smooth-talking salesman.

Thereís no persuading someone to shun even the possibility of fancy cars, big houses, marriage, sex, children ó and similar secular notions of happiness ó if he doesnít already have a calling.

But like a business when profits are down, the Catholic Church canít help but rethink its strategy for recruiting future priests when there simply arenít enough to go around.

Rather than resigning itself to the idea of a permanently smaller priesthood, the Diocese of Manchester has developed new strategies for recruiting men who have a calling to serve God. ...

The sexual abuse crisis also contributed to the decline in the priesthood, Frontiero said. Getting beyond it is difficult for many Catholics. To a lesser degree, modern trends toward materialism have likely been a factor in the decline, he said.

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