March 26, 2006

Book details gay, pederastic clergy

Renew America

Matt C. Abbott
March 25, 2006

A forthcoming book by investigative journalist Randy Engel is likely to be one of the most controversial books of its kind in quite some time.

The Rite of Sodomy Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church is 1318 pages in length, and, according to the book's Web site, "tracks the rise of homosexuality in the Catholic hierarchy, diocesan priesthood and religious life in the United States over a span of 100 years and three generations of prelates. It examines all facets of this intergenerational phenomenon on the life of the Church yesterday, today and tomorrow. The text is broken down into five mini-book sections, each examining a different aspect of homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church.

"Section I looks at pederasty, homosexuality in its most pervasive and universal form, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, to the rise of the Modern State in the mid-to-late 1800s. Section II exams the complex nature and causes of male homosexuality, describes homosexual acts and behaviors, and provides an in-depth look at the secular Homosexual Collective and the inordinate power it exerts over the individual homosexual. Sections III and IV document the growth of the vice within the American Church (AmChurch) with special attention to theAbuse Tracker Conference of Catholic Bishops/U.S. Catholic Conference and Catholic dioceses headed by homosexual cardinals and bishops.

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