March 20, 2006

Excluding public schools reveals bias

The Coloradoan

Jerry Stremel

A few years ago, people would respond to a course of action by saying, "Sounds like a plan."

Some Colorado legislators have a plan of hostile discrimination against the Catholic community in Colorado. I am referring to House Bill 1088, House Bill 1090 and Senate Bill 143.These bills will remove the statute of limitations for allowing lawsuits in cases about sexual abuse of minors. They will apply to Catholic schools and other private institutions but not to public institutions, e.g. public schools. Every one of these bills unfairly burdens religious institutions and private institutions and unfairly ignores sexual abuse in public schools and public institutions. This is bad public policy and bad public law.

The legislators in question have accused the archbishop of Denver, Charles J. Chaput, of being "irrational" in his protest to the above-mentioned bills. What is actually irrational is to ignore the research about sexual abuse of minors.

Posted by kshaw at March 20, 2006 07:36 AM