March 17, 2006

State seeks to halt case by institution victim

One in Four

The High Court has reserved judgment on a bid by the State to stop a legal action for damages by a man who was seriously sexually abused at a residential school in Co Cork operated by the Brothers of Charity and who also claims he was deprived of even a basic education there.

John Barrett (52) claims the health authorities and the State failed to properly inspect or inquire into what was going on at Our Lady of Good Counsel school at Lota, Glanmire, and that his experiences there blighted his life, leading to problems with drink, depression and sexual relationships.

He says he was admitted to Lota aged nine after he was mitching from school where he was beaten for not writing with his right hand and that he was subjected to serious and frequent sexual abuse until he left Lota aged 16.

Posted by kshaw at March 17, 2006 08:22 AM