March 15, 2006

Pastor sodomises pupil

The Swazi Observer

By Njabulo Dlamini

A pastor of a well-known and established church is alleged to have sodomised a pupil from one of the prominent schools outside the city.

The pupil is said to have narrated his plight to one of the teachers at the school, after having endured the trauma for some time.

This newspaper has it on authority that this is not the first time the pastor committed such an offence but he might have stirred the hornet’s nest now as relatives and the administration at the school are pursuing the issue to its end.

The head teacher confirmed the incident, adding that he was awaiting feedback from the boy’s parents and teachers on their investigations.

“I was away when the matter was first reported to the administration and the deputy was acting on my behalf. When I returned, he informed me about it and the course of action they had undertaken.

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