March 11, 2006

Spokane diocese may face further abuse claims

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


SPOKANE -- The Catholic Diocese of Spokane will know soon how much money it could be asked to pay by victims of clergy sex abuse.

The deadline for victims to file claims in U.S. Bankruptcy Court here was midnight Friday, and lawyers for the diocese expected to know as soon as Monday how many people allege they were abused, and how much the diocese might be asked to pay.

Bishop William Skylstad offered $45.75 million last month to settle claims by 75 people, who are expected to accept or reject the settlement within two months. But diocesan attorneys have said there could be a like number of people not covered under that settlement who demand compensation.

All of those who claim to have been abused, including the original 75, had until Friday to file claims with U.S. Bankruptcy Court, to protect their right to seek compensation.

Posted by kshaw at March 11, 2006 07:44 AM