March 10, 2006

Former teacher accused of molestation was considered ''cool'' by students

Miami Herald

Palm Beach Post

Chad Stoffel stood out to the students at Summit Christian School.
Unlike his older colleagues who dressed in dress shirts and ties, Stoffel dressed in khakis and polo shirts. The girls liked him for his good looks. The guys liked him because he was ``cool.''
Students got to know Stoffel, 29, pretty well. He often invited his students and the basketball players he coached to his West Palm Beach home to hang out. They surfed. They played tennis. They talked about politics and religion.
At a small school like Summit Christian, a nondenominational K-12 school in suburban West Palm Beach, it's common for students to see teachers outside the classroom. Stoffel oversaw the school's music ministry, which has won awards over the years and made him a popular among budding musicians.
The jocks liked him, too, for his prowess on the basketball court. ...
Over the weekend, Stoffel was arrested after confessing he had sex with a 16-year-old Wellington Christian School student and a 16-year-old Summit Christian School student and had molested two children in Broward County years ago.
Despite the confession, for now Stoffel is facing only four counts of unlawful sexual activity and four counts of battery of a child for his encounters with the Wellington Christian student.

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