March 06, 2006

Archbishop Flynn Silences Priest on Talking About Touching Program


by Hilary White

SAINT PAUL - MINNEAPOLIS, March 6, 2006 ( – Rev. Robert Altier, pastor of St. Agnes Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been ordered by his bishop to cease posting his homilies on his website or broadcast his views on the radio. His offense has been his outspoken criticism of a program instituted by his Archdiocese, ostensibly to protect children from sexual abuse.

The program, Talking About Touching, has been widely criticized by parents and concerned clergy as explicit sex education and threatening to the innocence of children. Talking About Touching has, however, received endorsements from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion, anti-family advocates.

A notice is posted on Fr. Altier’s website, “In obedient compliance with the expressed written request of Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Father Altier’s homilies and spiritual presentations can no longer be published on or broadcast on Relevant Radio. This action of the Archbishop is not related to any scandal or sexual misconduct on the part of Father Robert Altier.”

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