March 06, 2006

Church suit bill is abuse of justice

Denver Post

By David Harsanyi
Denver Post Staff Columnist

God knows, the Catholic Church's hands are dirty when it comes to pedophile priests.

Literally ... God knows.

With that said, Colorado Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald's recent bill targeting the church may appear to offer justice for those sexual abuse victims, but in reality it is transparently discriminatory and trashes a basic civil right of the accused.

Senate Bill 143 would open a two-year window to allow the filing of sex-abuse lawsuits against nonprofit organizations and churches that would normally be beyond the statute of limitations.

In other words, an 80-year-old could sue the church for alleged crimes against him of 70 years ago - and walk away with millions.

Posted by kshaw at March 6, 2006 07:22 AM