March 05, 2006

The priest scandal . . .

Chicago Sun-Times

March 5, 2006


Sneed readers' responses to our Feb. 26 query, "Is it time to draw a line in the sand?" -- concerning Cardinal Francis George's delay in removing the Rev. Daniel McCormack from his post until McCormack was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse -- netted the following lines in the sand.

Here are excerpts from our mail bin.

*"Within the next few weeks I will be leaving ministry. The reason? Because [Arch] bishops and cardinals are still resisting the fact that some priests have abused children. Yes, we are a church of forgiveness -- but we are also a church of justice. I have loved being a priest for these past 35 years -- but I cannot stretch my conscience any further. I've rationalized that the little good that I could do would offset the evil done to me. I cannot offset the evil done by the hierarchy in covering up and protecting predator priests." --Rev. James M.

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