March 04, 2006

Face of evil

The Sunday Mail

Paul Weston

THIS is the face of the matron who flogged helpless young orphans at a notorious former children's home.

More than 50 years after it was taken, this photograph of Matron Martin still strikes terror in the orphans now suing the Anglican Church in what their lawyers believe could become Australia's biggest child abuse case.

One of those orphans, former Gold Coast photographer Richard "Tommy" Campion, 58, told The Sunday Mail: "She is the most evil and frightening person I've ever met in my life. ...

I've spoken to more than 90 former orphans. The abuse spanned 35 years," Mr Harrison said.

"Apart from the allegations of sexual and psychological assault, we have been told of beatings with pony whips and double leather straps, branches of trees which the children had to select themselves, broom handles and electric cords.

"Most of the assaults were in front of other kids. If the assault was going to be a particularly bad one, the kids were made to sit outside the room and hear the screams.

Posted by kshaw at March 4, 2006 10:26 AM