March 03, 2006

Clergy Sexual Abuse: Facts, Myths and Questions

The Tidings

By Rev. Thomas J. Reese, SJ
Second of two parts; 15th in a series.

Myths About the Church
Myth: The abuse is a result of the seminary training after the Second Vatican Council (1963-65). Fact: Almost 70 percent of the abusive priests were ordained before 1970, after attending pre-Vatican II seminaries or seminaries that had had little time to adapt to the reforms of Vatican II.

Myth: This problem is unique to the Catholic Church: Fact: The John Jay report notes that in the period 1992-2000, the number of substantiated sexual abuse cases in American society as a whole has been between 89,355 and 149,800 annually. At a minimum, this number for one year is eight times the total number of alleged abuses in the church over a period of 52 years.

Myth: The abuse is still going on at the same rate. Fact: The number of alleged abuses increased in the 1960's, peaked in the 70's, declined in the 80's and by the 90's had returned to the levels of the 1950's.

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