March 01, 2006

Sex scandal brewing over a rabbi


By Nina Pineda
(New York-WABC, March 1, 2006) - There's a sex scandal at a local synagogue involving a rabbi allegedly offering and giving "sex therapy" to a congregant looking for a husband.

That rabbi -- from a prominent orthodox family -- is now forced from his job. But now, that rabbi is fighting back, saying he can't be fired.

It's happening at a temple in New Hempstead in Rockland County. Eyewitness News Reporter Nina Pineda has the story.

Nina Pineda: "Can you confirm anything that happened with the allegation against him?"

Rabbi: "No, nobody knows anything about it."

No one would talk about the scandal in which a growing list of women say Rabbi Mordechai Tendler used his position of power to sexually harass them in or in this case, engage in sex with those seeking counsel.

The rabbi's accused of telling a young woman seeking husband, to have sex with him instead so her life would open up and men would come to her.

Posted by kshaw at March 1, 2006 08:24 PM