February 26, 2006

Bishop flap shows a need to communicate

Daily Record

People may not want to discuss politics and religion at parties, but that doesn't stop those issues from intersecting.

That happened last week. The scene was St. Joseph's Church in Mendham, and the players were Bishop Arthur Serratelli of the Paterson Diocese and a group called Voice of the Faithful.

The bishop's visit was advertised in advance, and many in the parish were looking forward to it. So was the Voice of the Faithful, a support group for those who have been abused by Catholic priests.

Word circulated that the group planned a "protest" when the bishop arrived. Why? The group says all it wants to do is discuss its concerns with the bishop, who is relatively new. Since the sexual abuse scandal was, or is, national news, that's not an outlandish request.

Posted by kshaw at February 26, 2006 07:27 AM