February 25, 2006

Attorney investigating clergy pedophile ring was threatened

Renew America

Matt C. Abbott
February 24, 2006

Catholic attorney Sheila Parkhill, who for the past few years has been gathering information and evidence to eventually expose a clergy pedophile ring in the Chicago area, received an online greeting card from unknown individuals expressing concern for her and her husband's safety.

She took it as a threat.

"I responded to the e-mail, but it bounced back," says Parkhill. "I also contacted the company from which the e-card came, asking if there was any way to find out who sent it, but they said there really is no way to know."

The ring, known as The Boys' Club, was likely connected to the unsolved 1984 murder of Chicago professor and choir director Francis Pellegrini, who was found brutally stabbed to death just a day before a scheduled meeting with the then Chicago archdiocese vicar for priests.

The ring has been alluded to by priest-novelist-columnist Andrew Greeley an acquaintance of Pellegrini in his 1999 non-fiction book Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest (page 80):

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