February 23, 2006

Bishop cancels Mendham visit amid protest

Daily Record


MENDHAM -- Bishop Arthur Serratelli canceled a visit to St. Joseph's Church that he had scheduled for Sunday because a group had planned to protest during Mass, Diocese of Paterson officials said on Wednesday.

Voice of the Faithful, a group of Catholics who discuss possible changes in the church, had planned to hold a demonstration at St. Joseph's if the bishop asked parishioners for money to help rebuild the church's finances during his homily.

Maureen Mahoney, a coordinator with Voice of the Faithful, said the idea initially was to stand up and quietly walk out had the bishop sought contributions. She said some members objected to that idea, and the plan was changed to holding a peaceful demonstration outside. ...

Maureen Mahoney's husband, Peter, who is a member of Voice of the Faithful and a St. Joseph's parishioner, said the three avenues that the group seeks to discuss with the bishop are to support victims of clergy abuse, support priests of integrity and work for reform within the church by seeking to reinstitute the mandates of Vatican II.

He said attempts to discuss these platforms with the bishop so far have been unsuccessful.

Posted by kshaw at February 23, 2006 08:54 AM