February 23, 2006

Archdiocese, DCFS reach deal on priests

Chicago Sun-Times

February 23, 2006

BY ERIC HERMAN Staff Reporter

The Archdiocese of Chicago made peace with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Wednesday, agreeing to provide information on old allegations of priest abuse. DCFS, in turn, agreed to make timely reports to the church about its own investigations into priests.

In a "joint protocol" laying out new policies, the archdiocese and DCFS sought to end the mutual fingerpointing triggered by the case of Rev. Daniel McCormack. The archdiocese and DCFS each learned of sexual abuse allegations against McCormack in August, but allowed the priest to remain in his post.

"I think it is the most significant agreement in the country when it comes to the relationship between child welfare [officials] and the archdiocese," said DCFS director Bryan Samuels.

"They have got tools and resources that we don't have, and we welcome their help," said archdiocese communications director Colleen Dolan.

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