February 20, 2006

Big rise in child porn

The Herald News

Gregg M. Miliote, Herald News Staff Reporter 02/20/2006

Recent local criminal cases involving men accused of perusing, producing or exhibiting child pornography via the Internet should not come as a surprise to area residents.

Child pornography on the Internet has become a cottage industry throughout the country and is growing at exponential rates, officials with theAbuse Tracker Center for Missing and Exploited Children said.

The statistics to prove Internet predators exist just about everywhere are staggering. ...

Locally, two child pornography cases involving the Internet have grabbed headlines during the past year.

The Rev. Stephen A. Fernandes, a Diocese of Fall River priest, is currently serving time at a county jail for storing thousands of child pornography images on his computer and coercing a boy into performing a filmed sex act.

Posted by kshaw at February 20, 2006 09:11 AM