February 15, 2006

Expert: Catholics' Faith in Church Leadership in Motion


Newswise Catholics' faith in God is steady, but Catholics' faith in the church is constantly in flux, especially with its leadership, according to a new book by a Purdue University sociologist.

"Catholicism in Motion: The Church in American Society," (Liguori Publications, $19.95) by sociology Professor James D. Davidson, is a series of essays about Catholicism in America. Davidson covers the priest shortage, church leadership, worship practices, wealth of parishioners, the growing immigration population and the sexual abuse scandal. His essays are based on a variety of studies conducted in the 1990s and early 21st century.

"Stability is the hallmark of the Catholic Church, but there are many reasons, especially the large number of parishioners who are disenchanted with church leadership, that affect how Americans think about and practice Catholicism," says Davidson, whose essays are based on columns he has written for 12 diocesan newspapers, including ones in Indiana, California, Maryland and Utah.

Posted by kshaw at February 15, 2006 04:03 PM