February 15, 2006

Bishop rips media frenzy

Ottawa Sun


The Catholic Church is unfairly persecuted by the media for the actions of a few pedophile priests, said the bishop of the diocese at the centre of the Cornwall child sex scandal that led to an inquiry under way this week.

Alexandria-Cornwall Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher said the church does good work which never gets headlines.

"Sometimes, I find it unfair in terms of the lack of reporting about what good is being done by the great majority of priests," said Durocher, bishop for the past three years.

"So the very good priests, their efforts and work are left in the shadows, while a few bad apples get all the attention."

The bishop admitted the focus on pedophile priests has forced the church to change its ways.

Posted by kshaw at February 15, 2006 07:42 AM